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This is Cultural Marxism

The war on Western culture continues. Following the attacks on British figures from history, the accusation that all White people are racist, and the deletion of any comedy that Marxists don’t find funny (which is everything as Marxists don’t have a sense of humour) Online streaming services Netflix, Amazon and Sky have started putting ‘trigger’ warnings on any film not produced by Black people, Sexual Deviants or Communists. Somebody has had to watch all of these films to search for something they can be ‘offended’ by, and there appears to be no rhyme or reason to what they’ve chosen as offensive.

In the case of Aliens it is most probably the treatment of said snarly, bitey things by the entirely white invaders, who land on a planet to colonise it in exactly the same way as the white men did in America. (The racist Bastards) The Aliens, though not illegal, are treated appallingly by the colonising white people, who shoot, burn, and explode the poor defenceless creatures to take over their planet. It turns out that the Aliens weren’t even real, the studio preferring to ‘Alien-face’ a white actor to do the role. It is a wonder the WWF haven’t featured the acid-bleeding monsters on their adverts, highlighting their plight and asking £10 a month to save them in future.

Even the stylish classic Breakfast at Tiffany's gets the Marxist treatment. All the videos will be deleted in the near future.

It is easy to shrug our shoulders at these events. Or dismiss them as “PC gone mad” and maybe even have a laugh at the ridiculousness of such trivial nonsense, but we shouldn’t be so blasé about what is happening here. It’s not about Little Britain, or Aliens or Faulty Towers, it is what all these thing put together signifies. It’s the erosion of our entire culture that is happening here. And it’s happening before our very eyes. Our history and our culture are being expunged, designated ‘unacceptable’ by people unseen. Classified as ‘Racist’, Homophobic, or featuring ‘white supremacy’ and capitalism. There is no difference in this than the Nazi’s book-burnings of the 30s, or the destruction of cultural buildings by ISIS in recent years. And, as we know from history, first its language; then art; then culture they will attack. But when there are no more films to delete, no more statues to topple, it’s PEOPLE they come for, and as history also tells us, by then it’s too late.

Darren Birks is the Editor of Vision News Online

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