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The Truth About the Maui 'Wildfires'

Just after midnight on the 8th of August 2023, four separate fires were started in Lahaina setting ablaze over ten square miles of Maui island. The fires destroyed 2700 Lahaina buildings, killed at least 114 people, and displaced thousands more and over 1000 people are still unaccounted for.

The fires burned out of control for 19 days only really coming to an end when reaching the sea. The devastation was 'apocalyptic' according to one eye-witness whilst the town of Lahaina, “is gone,” according to another; Mark Gudmunson, senior pastor of Pukalani Community Church of the Nazarene in Pukalani, Hawaii.

The mainstream media were quick to blame climate change for the wildfires. Over the top of the apocalyptic scenes reporters talked about climate change being at the root of the fires. The propaganda machine went into overdrive with everyone reporting the same thing, almost like it was coordinated.

12 days after 'Global Boiling' Speech.

The fires had mysteriously come less than two weeks after UN Secretary General António Guterres had told us that 'The era of global boiling had arrived'. In his speech Guterres made the now astonishingly accurate prediction that 'families' would be "running from the flames", something that Maui citizens were doing just 12 days later.

When news that local police had started arresting people suspected of starting the fires deliberately began circulating on the internet the mainstream media dropped the story like a stone.

The blanket ban on what caused the fires, and the motive behind them, means most people are unaware that they've been lied to about the Maui fires. The truth is far more shocking, far more chilling, and far more damning.

Arrests for Arson.

Local police have made 79 arrests in connection with the Maui fires. Announcing at a press conference that the fires were started deliberately and coordinated with at least two being witnessed by onlookers.

So, to be clear, not climate change but ARSON.

These weren't random acts or arson either, they were all coordinated. with all four of the fires being started under the cover of darkness, at the same time, with satellite imagery showing they were equal distance apart.

The evidence is that the fires were started deliberately, and were coordinated to cause maximum damage. But where is the Motive? every crime has a motive, and coordinated crimes by a large group of people definitely have a motive, or, more accurately, an ideology.


When a crime is committed, the investigation often revolves around the concept of cui bono - Latin for "who benefits?" While social justice issues are not crimes (well, sometimes they are), thinking about who stands to profit from the status quo can help us to understand how to solve the problem.

There is only one group who benefitted from these wildfires and that is the environmentalists who used them to claim that the era of 'global boiling' had arrived.

This was the first act in a new wave of terrorism. eco-terrorism.

Wikipedia describes eco-terrorism as:

Eco-terrorism is often defined as the use of violence to further environmental policy change. Eco-terrorists are willing to inflict emotional and physical distress on their victims if they believe it will further their environmental goals. This more radical version of environmental action is illegal, as compared to its more moderate forerunner of eco-activism which is not illegal and would be classified as a form of civil disobedience and uses protests, sit ins and other civil actions to affect environmental change.

Eco-terrorism can also include sabotage in the name of the environment, which is illegal as this includes crimes against property which could lead to harm to humans. In the United States, the FBI's definition of terrorism includes acts of violence against property, which makes most acts of sabotage fall in the realm of domestic terrorism.[8] . Sabotage involves destroying, or threatening to destroy, property, and in this case is also known as monkeywrenching[5] or ecotage.[9] Many acts of sabotage involve the damage of equipment and unmanned facilities using arson. [8]

Sound familiar?

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" Arrests for Arson.

Local police have made 79 arrests in connection with the Maui fires. Announcing at a press conference that the fires were started deliberately and coordinated with at least two being witnessed by onlookers. "

Evidence, links?

You're normally very good at providing links to back up your claims, but in this case you're standards have slipped drastically.

Are you maybe getting confused with the 79 arrests made in Greece for arson? It seems a wierd coincidence that you're claiming the same numbers for MAUI.

Apart from the usual ' fact checkers ' crawling out of the ashes trying to justify their bribe...paycheques, I've only found stories that say 3 people have been nicked in connection…

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