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The Real Reason the NHS Faces 'Worst Staffing Crisis in History'

A report by MPs says England is now short of 12,000 hospital doctors and more than 50,000 nurses and midwives, calling this the 'worst workforce crisis in NHS history'. It said a reluctance to decisively plug the staffing gap could threaten plans to tackle the Covid treatment backlog.

Ever since Covid, the NHS has been unable, or unwilling, to treat non-covid patients in anywhere near acceptable levels. When the pandemic supposedly hit GP Practices locked their doors and they've remained locked ever since, with patients only being able to speak to a doctor via a phone or Zoom call. Even if you had Covid you were told to stay away from the Doctors, all the while GP practices claiming that Covid had increased their workload exponentially, whilst simultaneously not treating Covid patients, or anyone else for that matter.

Since Covid became yesterday's news the NHS has claimed that there is a backlog of around SIX MILLION surgeries and treatments that they didn't do whilst not treating Covid patients either.

A mantra of 'there's not enough doctors' is readily trumped out by NHS staff, politicians and the media, the implication being that it is the government's lack of investment in the Socialist behemoth that is the reason, even though the evidence points, overwhelmingly, at a different cause. If it's not lack of investment being blamed, it is patients themselves, blamed for putting undue pressures on NHS services, with health officials routinely questioning if patients really need to call their doctor or go to A&E at all.

The real reason for the crisis is mass immigration. In just two decades Britain's population has shot up by approximately 8 million, and that does not even include the 1.5 million who have arrived here illegally. The population is increasing by around 5 million a decade, or around 500,000 a year in real terms. The UK population is expanding much too quickly for public services, the NHS, the job market, housing and schools to cope. All of those millions will require (expect) free healthcare, and for many, it's a draw.

Official UN figures for UK population growth 2000 - 2022

The myth that the NHS would collapse without immigrants is a red herring and used by race-baiters to shut down debate. There was an average of 2,000 GP registrations per day by those from overseas in 2016/17 alone (NHS statistics for England, Wales & Northern Ireland).

The UK recently saw the first sustained drop in the number of GPs per head of population since the 1960s, the result of ten million extra patients in just two decades.

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