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The New Normal: NET ZERO Pushes Your Bill to £4266

We have been told that the cost of fuel is down to Putin, and a war in Ukraine, but the real reason is our Government's obsession with global warming, even though average mean temperatures haven't risen for nearly two decades.

Vladimir Putin has turned the gas taps off, plunging Europe into an energy crisis, this much is true. The lunacy of relying on an enemy for your energy needs is a debate for another day. Britain has been caught up in this lunacy even though we could be self sufficient in our energy needs. The current crisis in Europe shouldn't affect Britain at all, we should still be enjoying cheap energy as we have stocks of oil and gas right under our feet, enough to last us for 400 years at current rates.

The Government's decision to make everything about climate change will make our bills top £4K a year and this is not a spike, this is the 'new normal'. A two-pronged attack on the public has been deployed with the express purpose of crushing the poor and middle classes; first to impose climate taxes on all energy bills, and then deny Britain's the use of their own stocks, slapping moratoriums on North Sea oil, Gas and Coal. Successive British government's, egged-on by Klaus Schwab and the WEF, have manipulated energy markets to bring about this nightmare.

Climate Levy Con

The green levy's are layer upon layer of tax, designed specifically to cause pain to the consumer. A form of punishment for our wicked ways, you know, like filling our cars and heating our homes. They Government have dreamt up ways of both pushing millions into fuel poverty as well as crippling businesses at the same time. On every energy bill there are now a series of levy's including: the Climate change levy; carbon price floor; renewables obligation; carbon reduction commitment; emissions trading scheme. Pushing a basic resource into the realms of luxury goods.

We were told that renewable energy is replacing fossil fuel, and that there already millions of homes 'benefiting' from Green energy. Shell, BP and Eon all claim that millions of their customers are supplied with it. But where is the cost saving to those customers? If 2 millions households are getting their energy from renewable sources then why are their bills exactly the same as those getting it from fossil fuels?

The entire eco-industry, with 12 thousands of wind turbines, miles of solar panels and huge wave 'farms' are in operation but hasn't reduced bills by a single penny.

Green energy bills are still going to be £4,266.

Wind power contributed 26.1% of the UK’s total electricity generation in Q4 2021, with onshore and offshore wind contributing 12% and 14% respectively with Solar power contributing all of 1.8%. But those 2.1 million homes now getting their energy from these renewables are going to face exactly the same bills as everyone else, making a mockery of the claim that green energy is cheap energy.

We have enough cheap energy for the next 400 years right under our feet

Scientists from the British Geological Survey (BGS) have estimated that the total volume of gas in the Bowland-Hodder shale in northern England is some 1300 trillion cubic feet (central estimate).

Add to that 75 - 100 million tons of coal sitting underground and the 1.5 Billion barrels of Oil left in the North Sea that could power our cars for a century.


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