Thalidomide The Last Drug They Said Was 'Safe and Effective'

There is an entire generation of parents who are blissfully unaware of the Thalidomide scandal. They believe that Governments, Scientists and Pharmaceutical companies all have their best interests at heart, and that pharmaceuticals companies, in conjunction with those governments, have never tried to cover-up their malpractices, scandals and lies. Nothing could be further from the truth.

As soon as vaccine deaths began to occur some people likened the growing nightmare to the Thalidomide scandal, which worldwide maimed an estimated 20,000 babies and killed 80,000 more during the 1950s and 1960s. This angered some of the scientists pushing Covid Vaccines who claimed the two things were entirely different and could not be compared. One scientist even going as far as claiming that the 'comparison' was an insult to the Thalidomide victims. This purposefully missed the point. It is not the drug or the associated illness that we're comparing, it's the behaviour of pharmaceuticals companies, Healthcare providers and their friends in Government we are drawing parallels with. If this angers scientists who may well be attempting to cover up their own malpractice then why should we care? Maybe they should be worried. Even the best gaslighting cannot destroy the facts, and parents with children about to be vaccinated for an illness they don't suffer from, should be made aware that Scientists and Politicians have form when it comes to lying about medicines, often with fatal consequences.

Until 2020 Thalidomide was considered the "biggest man‐made medical disaster ever" . It is known to be the cause of over 20,000 children being born without fully developed limbs and is estimated to have caused a further 80,000 stillbirths. However, this could have been many tens of thousands more as 'many mothers would not have known the drug was the cause of miscarriage or stillbirth' according to the Former head of the Thalidomide Trust Martin Johnson. “Virtually none of those who suffered miscarriages would have known, and that would have applied to around 90% of those suffering stillbirths" said Johnson. Chillingly he went on to say: "The babies were hidden and there was no birth defects register,”

Thalidomide was widely used in Britain as a treatment for morning sickness in pregnant women. At the time it was claimed to be a 'wonder drug' and pregnant women everywhere were encouraged to take the medicine like a simple antacid. This 'wonder drug' was created by German Pharmaceuticals company The Grünenthal Group and was released in the UK in 1961 under licence.

The company spent millions on marketing and promotions, sending out thousands of 'free samples' to doctors and producing television and Newspaper adverts that all suggested the drug was 'safe and effective' and even that it would give the woman her 'freedom' back.

It should be noted that Thalidomide was never tested on pregnant women before launch, the patent only mentioning that it had been 'tested on humans' and was vague about exactly what that meant. It is likely they were tested on unwilling 'volunteers' from Nazi concentration camps, as the two chemists who created the drug were both heavily involved in medical experiments for the Nazi Party during the war. After the war had ended, like many Nazi Scientist, the two Thalidomide inventors sold their expertise to the highest bidder, and were put to work legitimising the research they had done for the Nazi Party a few years earlier.