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Tavistock Closing Won't Stop Child Mutilations: 'Regional Tavistocks' are Due to Open

NHS obsession with kids being the wrong gender isn't ending any-time soon.

News that the NHS Tavistock Transgender clinic was to close was hailed as a victory by campaigners who believed that the move was an admission by the NHS that they'd got it wrong, and would stop mutilating children in the name of LGBTQ rights.

But campaigners have celebrated too soon, the closure of the Tavistock isn't an admission of guilt by the NHS, nor an ending to the child transgender programme, quite the opposite. The NHS have decided that the Tavistock is simply not big enough, having seen a 400% increase in referrals in recent years, and have decided to expand the programme to 'regional hubs' around the country.

The media has put the inevitable spin on the Tavistock Centre closing, giving false hope to campaigners, with most news outlets claiming that the 'closure' of the Tavistock is a response to the interim CASS Review, which warned that medics in the Tavistock had felt “under pressure to adopt an unquestioning affirmative approach” to gender identity rather than going through the normal process of clinic assessment with young people. Whilst the report does indeed state that, the two things are unrelated.

The idea that an entire ideology would be changed by one government report is nieve. Just as the Race and disparities report of 2021 concluded that there was no institutional racism in Britain, the CASS review is not going to suddenly change the minds of NHS managers or pressure groups like Mermaids who have spent a decade convincing prepubescent children they are 'in the wrong body' using NLP techniques before pumping them full of steroids and hormone blockers to prevent puberty.

The review is a red-herring. Dr. Hilary Cass, the consultant paediatrician who is leading the independent review, found earlier this year that the clinic as the only provider of gender identity services for young people in England was “not a safe or viable long-term option”, but this is a world away from the NHS admitting that sexualising children before mutilating them is tantamount to child abuse.

The NHS has announced that they are to open 'regional Tavistocks' to cater for their ideology. NHS England said that “given the urgent requirement to 'stabilise' current service provision” they will establish two “Early Adopter services” run by specialists, effectively doubling the amount of children they can transgender per year.

Eventually, every NHS Trust will have their own child transgender service, with NHS England still firmly believing that there is an epidemic of children being born in the wrong gender and absolutely nothing to do with the teaching of LGBTQ ideologies in schools and nurseries.

The Tavistock closing will give way to 'regional Tavistocks' meaning it will be easier, cheaper and quicker to transition children in the future.

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