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Supermarket 'Karen' Calls Police On Disabled Man For Not Wearing Mask

British supermarket Morrisons called the police on a disabled man who was medically exempt from wearing a face-mask after attempting to make him wear a yellow sticker.

The clip shows the man involved in a confrontation with staff of the supermarket as they try to make him wear a sticker. The man can be heard calling them out asking 'how a sticker could stop the spread of coronavirus?' When he refuses to wear the sticker, as is his right, he is told to leave the store as staff claim they are just doing their job. The disabled man then points out “Weren’t they just doing their job in the Nazi Germany? Can you remember how they said that during the Nuremberg trials?”

The staff then call the police, using the ‘999’ emergency number because the disabled man wouldn't wear the yellow sticker. The security guard says the yellow stickers are to “explain to other people in the store that you’re medically exempt,” despite this not being part of the law.

According to the law, people do not have to answer questions as to why they are medically exempt and are not required to signal to others with any kind of sticker or badge that they are medically exempt. The dark undertones of forcing disabled people to wear yellow stars hardly needs to be explained.

This underscores how the obsession with forcing people to wear face masks, despite their efficacy being disputed by numerous studies, is being abused to target the vulnerable.

Big Brother Watch asked Morrisons to apologise for the behaviour of their staff, but the company is yet to respond.

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