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'Strokes in Young People are SKYROCKETING and Doctors are Covering it Up!' - New Report

A top Oncologist, writing in Substack, reveals the shocking rise in blood clots now suffered by young and healthy people.

Author William Makis MD:

NEW ARTICLE: SUMMER OF "CLOTTING SUDDENLY" - Strokes in Young people - 35 cases from June to Oct 2023 reported.

UK Disability data shows Strokes in ages 16-19 are up +563% in 2022 and rising! Strokes in young people are SKYROCKETING and doctors are covering it up! Fraud is rampant in peer-reviewed literature that claims no link.


Oct.27, 2023 - 41 year old Louisiana Music star Damon Troy suffered a stroke on the night of Oct.27, 2023 right after a live concert performance. "still suffering from weakness on entire right side of his body.

Oct.21, 2023 - Tacoma, WA - 37 year old former Montana basketball star Anthony Johnson had a massive stroke during his daughter's birthday party on Oct.21, 2023 and he died suddenly on Nov.1, 2023

Oct.12, 2023 - Australia - 32 year old professional rugby player Zane Tetevano suffered a stroke that has sidelined him for 5 months earlier in the year.

Oct.11, 2023 - Scotland - 39 year old Paula Black, mother of 5 children, died from a stroke on Oct.11, 2023 and her husband Jon-Jo Terry, also age 39, died of a heart attack in June 2023.

Oct.1, 2023 - Wishart, QLD, Australia - 17 year old footballer Joshua Ditchmen had a stroke while driving a quad. He crashed the quad and ended up with multiple brain bleeds and spent 10 days in a coma.

Sep.29, 2023 - Illinois - 20s year old Alexis Nicole had "rare form of stroke that causes blood clots in my brain"

Sep.13, 2023 - Willowick, OH - 27 year old Police Officer Maddie Orton suffered a stroke 2 days before she was to get married. It was during a shopping trip on Sep.13, 2023 "they are still not quite sure what caused the stroke"

Aug.26, 2023 - Spring, TX - 17 year old healthy soccer player Gabriel Silva had "dissection of the artery" on Aug.26, 2023 leading to an ischemic stroke. The family's dog saved him by alerting his parents at 5am.

Aug.6, 2023 - Franca, Brazil - 30s year old teacher and lawyer Vanessa Mendes Takarada had a stroke on Aug.6, 2023 and she died along with her unborn twins. 

Pfizer & Moderna COVID-19 mRNA vaccines cause strokes in young people.

There is a tremendous amount of fraud in the published literature about mRNA Vaccines and blood clots, everything is done to cover up the link between the two.

How common are post COVID-19 Vaccine strokes?

WHO VigiAccess Database shows:

18,461 cerebrovascular accidents (more than Bell’s Palsy, taste loss, Guillan-Barre Syndrome, etc)

6,331 transient ischemic attack (mini-strokes)

5,892 hemiparesis Multiply that by under-reporting factor of 100x!

In March 30, 2023, a Norwegian study by Ihle-Hansen documented 2104 people experiencing a stroke during first 28 days after an mRNA vaccine!

Just the first 28 days!

It was about 1:2000 COVID-19 Vaccinated. Conclusion: “No increased risk of stroke” (after authors did some very creative Statistics to please big pharma)

UK Government Disability Data shows a stunning rise of strokes causing disability in 2022 for all age groups:

Ages 16-19 elevated +563% in 2022

Ages 20-24 elevated +170%

Ages 25-29 elevated +217%

Ages 30-34 elevated +167%

(see the graphs in my article to see skyrocketing trendline)

Thousands of COVID-19 Vaccinated people are suffering from ongoing clotting problems, and micro-clots circulating throughout their body.

That is why Spike protein detoxification is so crucial! NATTOKINASE (Key ingredient in The Wellness Company's Spike Support Formula)

COVID-19 mRNA Vaccine Induced Strokes continue to skyrocket in 2022 and 2023 with no signs of slowing down.

We are potentially looking at LONG TERM CLOTTING caused by Pfizer & Moderna mRNA Vaccines.

BIVALENT Pfizer & Moderna boosters have 50% increased clotting compared to original mRNA jabs (according to a new study published on Sep.12, 2023 by Sharff et al.)


Read the full article here:

Author William Makis MD: Radiologist, Oncologist, Cancer Researcher, Author of 100+ publications. Chief of Oncology at TWC. Top Substack Author:

ed - When are people going to start being 'arrested suddenly'?


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