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South African and Brazilian Mutations Emerged from Same Sites Oxford Vaccine Was Trialled

In a pure coincidence, both South African and Brazilian mutant strains emerged from the very same two countries the Oxford Vaccine Trialled.

Both Mutant Covid strains announced by SAGE as being 'cause for alarm' emerged from the same two countries used to trial the Oxford AstraZeneca Vaccine it has emerged.

The two mutant strains, one from Brazil the other South Africa, are rapidly becoming the dominant covid strains according to scientists, with the South African variant said to "evade testing" and therefore could be more rampant than previously thought. The South African Mutation was the second variant SAGE reported on, finally using it to Lockdown the country straight after New Year, whilst the Brazil strain (wrongly said to be from Kent repeatedly by the BBC) was the mutation used to lockdown the country over Christmas.

The announcement of the South African strain, and the need for further lockdowns, was made at the same time as the Oxford/Zeneca Vaccine was released, but it went unreported that both Mutant strains, that suddenly have become priority, emerged from the very same two countries where the Oxford vaccine was trialled.

The mutation, that was wrongly labelled the 'Kent Mutation' by the BBC, is now said to be a "supercharged new and highly-infectious variant of the virus" and was first detected in Brazil in the spring, according to SAGE scientists. The Telegraph report that 'studies show the new variant, known as a N501Y mutation, was circulating in Brazil back in April and, they say, up to "70 per cent more transmissible" (debunked by actual virologists) the new variant is spreading rapidly in London and the South East, and was what triggered the Tier 4 lockdown restrictions in England, and alarm across the world.'

Brazil just happened to be one of the two sites chosen to trial the AstraZeneca / Oxford University vaccine making the news in 2020 for a death of one of those in its trial. At the time the BBC reported that Brazil's Health Authority would give no details about the death, citing confidentiality protocols. The trial was briefly halted before recommencing later that month.

South Africa was the other country chosen by AstraZeneca / Oxford University to run their medical experiments, and which, coincidentally, has also seen a mutated version of the Covid-19 virus emerge.

In a further twist, SAGE are now strengthening the narrative that one, or both, of these two mutations could be resistant to the vaccination, and that one of the variants could cause another ‘very, very bad’ COVID-19 wave'.

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