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Soros Behind ‘Defeat MAGA’ Network Breitbart Reveals

A well-funded and well-connected constellation of far-leftist organisations led by a group promoted by none other than George Soros and Hillary Clinton is behind the multi-faceted effort to take down Donald Trump ahead of the 2024 election, an independent investigation’s findings show.

Research compiled by Northeast Florida-based conservative grassroots activist Jessico Bowman that was shared with Breitbart News lays out the intricate links between these groups, the depth of sophistication and organization they’ve developed since Trump’s first term in office, and the considerable influence they now wield in Washington and within the Democrat Party.

“Following the most profound upset in 2016 which shifted the political matrix to America First MAGA populism, a war was declared in the shadows by the radical left,” Bowman told Breitbart.

“A well-oiled democracy alliance of political activist networks comprised of a collective of left wing and anti-Trump organizations, even charitable non-profits, managed by Indivisible – formed mimicking the Tea Party’s grassroots coalition structure. Battle-ready to funnel money and resources to fight using the power of their combined influence to defeat MAGA.”

The collective of groups is led by an organization called Indivisible, who was promoted by Hillary Clinton in 2016 and funded by billionaire globalist George Soros.

“Indivisible started as the Indivisible Guide, a Google Doc guide to organizing locally to pressure your elected officials to resist Trump’s agenda,” the ‘Who We Are’ section of Indivisible’s website explains.

“It caught fire as millions of people picked up the guide and its name – Indivisible – and organized their own local Indivisible groups to put the guide into action. These new Indivisible activists formed a nationwide movement of people taking matters into their own hands to build their own power through collective action.”

The report goes on to explain how the collective’s talking points and lawfare tactics have been adopted by the Justice Department, Democrat lawmakers, and attorneys general to use against Trump.

Indivisible also outlined its strategy for 2024 following the 2022 midterms in a 19-page manifesto titled: “A Practical Guide to Defeating MAGA.”

The manifesto claims the group faces “the dual threat of a MAGA landslide in 2024, and a Trumpist coup if the election would lead to Democratic victories.”

“MAGA Republicans will attempt to achieve this by controlling the narrative and sabotaging the Biden administration and the economy, while using racism and tribalism to attempt to harden their political coalition,” the manifesto reads. “Indivisible’s top priorities are winning electorally in 2024, so we can get back to delivering on our agenda.”

Bowman concluded that Republicans need to wake up to the fact the Democrats have been hijacked by radical leftists bankrolled by globalists hellbent on America’s destruction.

“We as Americans, not just the Republican Party, need to turn towards unity,” Bowman said. “The veil has been lifted; this is no MAGA conspiracy theory.

We are witnessing unprecedented actual lawfare and election interference against a presidential candidate. This was gamed out against Trump before he ever declared to run as a plan to subvert his reelection and maintain Biden’s control.

Trump is standing in the way of the left making radical changes to our country. It’s not the extremism, stupid, really. It is the revelation of the corruption and the return of America to its sovereignty, rule of law, and constitutional republic that scares them.”

“This sour-grapes movement simply does not jive with the will of everyday Americans,” she continued. “The only thing that needs to be indivisible is America, our dream to be a place for the people and by the people. Everyday Americans may not be able to outspend this coordinated effort against Trump, but if we fight against the propaganda, stand united with our fellow Americans and vote Trump to defeat this radical movement at the ballot box, together, we can Make America Great Again.”

Some analysts are now suggesting that Trump will be assassinated to prevent him ever reaching the White House, with Soros/Clinton/Obama likely candidates to sanction the hit some time between July and November this year.

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