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"White Supremacy" Reason Black Woman was Shoplifting from Asian Store

"Shut it Down" protestors demand closure of London shop that stopped black woman Shoplifting.

After a black woman was caught shoplifting in a London retailer she assaulted the owner before he managed to physically restrain her and police were called.

Video of the shocking incident went viral but rather than the community supporting the shop owner, they protested outside, claiming that the incident was an example of 'white supremacy' and demanded that the shop was shut-down.

The shop owner now says he is 'in fear for his life' as the BLM mob continue to congregate outside his shop in Peckham London.

Speaking to the BBC after Monday's incident but before Tuesday afternoon's protest, the shopkeeper said the woman had become aggressive when she was refused a refund on products she had previously bought at the store.

"We do not give refunds, we exchange items or give a credit note. So she grabbed some stuff [three packs of hair with a total value of £24] from the shelf and tried to leave. She was leaving and I was stopping her. "I was stopping her. She slapped me in the face and grabbed a shopping basket and hit me on the head. I don't know when my hand goes around her neck. I was keeping her neutralised. I did not hit her. "The video was cropped. People are acting at the half truth".

Despite it being a black woman attempting to make off with items from an Asian store this has been framed as a case of 'white supremacy'.

The BBC reported: Marlon Kameka, a 40-year-old artist and youth worker who attended the protest, told BBC London: "There's a hierarchy in this country and, unfortunately, black women are always at the bottom of the hierarchy. "I'm fed up with being on the street because I've seen a video of a black woman being abused by a man."

"The sad fact is, whenever I open social media, I should be prepared to see some kind of abuses being inflicted on a black person." "I'm here not to speak up for myself, but to speak up for the black women and the black children who are coming up after us. We can't be scared to raise our voice because of what might happen."

Simone Goodys, who joined the protest, said that she was shocked and angry when she saw the viral video. "It made me feel scared, and I was shocked as well because I come in this shop all the time," she said.

"This shop is targeted at black women. They sell all stuff for black women. We're the ones who come here and buy their stuff, but they don't respect us.

"They have no right to treat black people like that."

After the protest, hand-written messages covered the shop's metal shutters.

One sign read "protect black women", while others contained strongly worded and offensive messages. The Metropolitan Police and the London mayor have both said they understand why Londoners might be concerned about the footage, but urged people to remain calm.

This is by no means an isolated incident of "white supremacy" in London. It is commonplace.

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