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Shocking: W.H.O. Director Says Covid Boosters Being "Used to Kill Children"

WHO Director General Tedros Ghebreyesus raised eyebrows Monday when he is clearly heard to say 'Covid-19 booster shots are being used to “kill children.”

Ghebreyesus inadvertently made the Freudian slip during a media briefing in Geneva, where he talked up the threat of the omicron variant and hyped Covid jabs.

“So, if it’s going to be used, it’s better to focus on those groups who have the risk of severe disease and death, rather than, as we see, some countries are using to give boosters to kill children, which is not right,” Ghebreyesus said.

If there was any question to what the WHO chief said, an AI-generated transcript on YouTube caught the precise wording:

However, a transcript from the WHO itself curiously edited Ghebreyesus’ remarks to omit the word “kill.”

Of course, the “fact-checking” sites leapt on the report gaslighting the public into disbelieving their own eyes and ears. Snopes labeled reports on the WHO director’s comments “false,” citing a response by the organisation to the BBC claiming he said “kill” – but didn’t really mean it! Read the WHO’s ridiculous explanation, via the BBC:

A WHO spokesperson told the BBC that Dr Ghebreyesus “got stuck on the first syllable ‘chil’ and it came out sounding like ‘cil/kil’. “He repeated the same syllable, with it coming out ‘cil-children’. Any other interpretation of this is 100% incorrect.”

Again, rather than take other people's word for it just listen to it yourself and make up your own mind.

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