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Secret Fear-Campaign to STOP 21st June Unlocking Gains Momentum as Hancock Hypes Indian Variant

A detailed plan leaked by Whitehall officials back in March described how the government would 'hobble' every milestone of their own roadmap with a series of emergencies and crises involving mutant variants and vaccines.

As the 21st of June nears we are witnessing the ramping-up of hysteria, not over the South African variant first earmarked but Indian Variant that is made out to be the killer virus that will have us scurrying for cover again.

For a month now the BBC have been running endless stories about a supposed apocalypse taking place in India, this is entirely fictitious. There is no deadly third wave occurring in India, Death per 100,000 are no different from any other year, but the lie has become ingrained in the public psyche, meaning the government have a much easier task convincing us that it is also our apocalypse.

"Up to three quarters of new UK Covid cases could be of the Indian variant" Health Secretary Matt Hancock has said, which is absolutely meaningless. If the tests could be relied upon, and they can't, it is still meaningless. Cases have always been meaningless. Asymptomatic cases have proved to be a myth, the idea created to keep the pandemic narrative going.

The BBC report: Public Health England data shows cases of the variant have risen by 3,535 to 6,959 since last week. Again, So what? this isn't people dying, or people in hospital, or even people with any symptoms, this is people that a test has 'identified', they're not ill, don't have Covid and crucially, don't pass it on.

Hancock told a Downing Street briefing that the government had always expected cases to rise as restrictions were eased. which is easy, the 'surge testing' (meaning more testing) is a mcCarthyism form of medical research, look and you'll find.

he went on to play on people's fears about the NHS by saying "it was critical to monitor the link between cases and hospitalisations." but as we have seen when testing was increased, there IS no link between cases and hospitalisations.

Hancock continued: "On Thursday, a further 3,542 coronavirus cases and 10 deaths within 28 days of a positive test were reported in the UK. It is the second day in a row the number of new Covid cases has topped 3,000 - the first time infections have reached this level since mid-April." "Over the last seven days, cases are up 20.5% compared with the week before. 'Remain vigilant'", though gave no indication how we are supposed to do that. Sounds a lot like empty words and sloganeering. Hancock told the briefing on Thursday: "The latest estimates are that more than half and potentially as many as three-quarters of all new cases are now of this variant.

Boris Johnson, in an interview today continued the hobbling plan, saying that "We may need to wait to end restrictions" as he continues to condition the public to accepting the 21st June will be 'delayed' as if this was some hard-made decision based on new circumstances, and not a cynical pre-planned agenda pushed by SAGE who are not about to squander the coup they pulled last year.

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Patricia Sullivan
Patricia Sullivan
May 27, 2021

...................................and do we believe Hancock..........???????

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