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Scientists Begin Injecting mRNA into Cows to Protect Humans Against Bird Flu

U.S. scientists from the departments of Agriculture, and Center for Disease Control, have begun trials of mRNA spike protein injections into cattle to protect both humans and cows against Bird Flu.


In February the World Health Organisation claimed that a Bird Flu outbreak had been detected in chickens from South America, prompting US health officials to slaughter 2 million more poultry as a 'precautionary measure'.


In March using PCR testing the WHO reported also finding cattle with the disease, warning that if it is not contained then, after another species jump, could endanger humans, with the inevitable computer models predicting huge death-tolls from the resulting pandemic.


Then, on June 4th, the World Health Organisation claimed that in April of this year a 59 year old man in Mexico had died of the disease, stating that the death had been confirmed by laboratory tests to have been caused by Avian Flu.

The claim has since been rebuffed by Mexico's own minister for Health Jorge Alcocer who said "I can point out that the statement made by the World Health Organization is pretty bad, since it speaks of a fatal case (of bird flu), which was not the case," adding the patient had “died from other causes, mainly kidney and respiratory failure.”

The diagnosis appeared even less convincing when reports began circulating that the 59 year old man had been a prison inmate who had fallen ill whilst actually serving a prison sentence, and had been transferred to hospital some two weeks prior to his death, and at no point had he come into contact with any birds, domestic, wild or farmed.

However, this has remained unreported as it very much contradicts the WHO narrative.

This week the U.S. Agriculture Department begins testing a 'vaccine' developed by University of Pennsylvania researchers using the same mRNA technology as the Covid 'vaccines'. by giving it to calves. The claim by these scientists is that vaccinating cows protects dairy workers, and that could mean fewer chances for the virus to jump into people and mutate in ways that could spur human-to-human spread.

So, to recap, a virus that came from Birds, was found in Cows when speculative testing was performed on random herds prompting max-vaccination of all Dairy and Meat herds to protect humans getting the virus.

It is unclear how the scientists now trialing the cow-vaccine developed it, seemingly out of nowhere, in a matter of days, prompting some commentators to suggest that it would be simply impossible to have created the vaccine in a matter of days and that they must have had it ready to go.

If successful, all Dairy and Meat producing herds will receive the mRNA technology according to the researchers. This is the first time that mRNA proteins will be used on animals. It effectively introduces the spike protein into the food chain, and, under US law, food producers won't have to tell you if their cows received the jab. All beef, cheese and milk products could potentially become contaminated.

Dr Robert Malone predicted it.

Last year, Dr Robert Malone warned that the WHO were planning to do this, and despite being the inventor of the original technology, was dismissed by the msm as a conspiracy theorist. In January 2023 Malone warned of the dangers posed by mRNA entering the food-chain. In his Substack column he reported both Bayer and BioNTech “have been working on livestock and companion animal mRNA vaccines for over six years,” Malone noted in a Jan. 11 analysis. “Logic predicts that they will soon have livestock and companion mRNA vaccine and RNA therapeutics on the market.”

He goes on to say: Malone cited three therapy platforms that BioNTech has been building through mRNA technologies to be used in livestock and companion animals:

• Infectious disease vaccines

• Cancer immunotherapies

• Protein replacement

Sometime before 2015, the USDA issued a conditional license for a mRNA vaccine for use in pigs for Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea Virus (PEDv).

When asked if the government would mark packages as “vaccinated meat,” Malone said: “I wouldn’t count on it. In fact, I bet – no.”

In response to a Twitter user, who stated that this needed to be stopped “ASAP,” Malone said: “We have to build alternate systems. I don’t think we can stop them, but we can choose not to buy their food, take their drugs or mRNA vaccines. We can choose to not use their ‘health care providers.’ We can be our own – independent people outside of their hellscape.”

Malone noted: “Basically something akin to an emergency use authorization was issued around 2014 or 2015. Just like with the mRNA COVID-19 vaccine, full licensure was not granted but the conditional license remains in place. Is this a strategy to circumvent the USDA vaccine licensing and/or authorization process?”

Malone notes that “makes searching for human clinical trials easy. For instance, a quick search reveals that there are over 50 clinical trials for mRNA vaccines in progress and over 200 registered.

“With animals, there is no such database. mRNA vaccines in the ‘animal health’ or veterinary markets are difficult to track until the company or the USDA is ready to release information on that product’s development or release. The USDA and/or the NIH have no mechanism for tracking potential new vaccines, drugs or biologics for the animal market.”


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