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Sajid Javid Sets Out Plans for Vaccine Passports and Masks AFTER Freedom Day

How is that FREEDOM?

As we reported previously, the health secretary Sajid Javid will not relax any restrictions after the 19th, he is set to INCREASE them, and make pubs, restaurants and the travel industry police the rules or face fines and business closures if they disobey the directive.

The mainstream media appear to be surprised by the government's apparent 'toning down' of the freedom day rhetoric, whilst here at Vision News HQ we knew from the moment the date was announced that it would be turminis-day in name only.

Speaking in Parliament, Javid claimed the Government’s plan on July 19th to lift almost all the remaining legal restrictions put in place during the pandemic, including those covering mask-wearing and the size of social gatherings. But we know that face masks will be demanded by pubs, restaurants and other venues as the government apply pressure on the industry to do their dirty work for them.

He went on to claim 'The vaccine certification plan, will see venues “supported and encouraged” by Government to use the NHS app to check up on their customers'. In reality, the government have set up policies to apply pressure on businesses to demand vaccine passports. 'cajoled and forced' would be a more accurate term. This little scheme will come in during autumn, and is another plan they've had all along, despite the denials. We exposed the plan in November of last year.

With only a week to go until mass events will be allowed to go ahead, and venues such as nightclubs can reopen, the Prime Minister’s official spokesman said the Government 'would be in touch with businesses to encourage them to implement Covid checks at the door.'

Yeah, right; "I'm from the government, I'm here to help."

The spokesman suggested customers could either show that they have been double-vaccinated, or had a positive PCR test within the past six months – or could carry out a lateral flow test and show the email they received after reporting a negative result.

Yes, he's just described a vaccine apartheid system right there. Something, you'll remember, the government first said was a dangerous conspiracy theory and in parliament that they would never implement such a system because it was 'divisive'. Yet we'd seen documents dating back to July of last year produced by a Whitehall department that listed ways that a vaccine passport system could be implemented that avoided legal obligations, just push the onus onto private businesses who can refuse entry to anyone for any reason due to their private status was the answer.

Javid said, with a straight face, that July 19th would be, “a major milestone for this country, taking us another step closer to the lives we used to lead”. We expect hollow words and platitudes from politicians but this is pure fabrication. There may be some minor rule that never affected you anyway set to be lifted but this is misdirection. The things that have been imposed on us such as masks and vaccine passports will be more intrusive, more debilitating, than they were before 'freedom day'.

The lies exposed:

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