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SAGE Want to Keep Us Shut Down Permanently and Ministers Fear They've Got Their Way

All those people getting double-vaccinated to get their freedoms back must be feeling pretty fucking stupid right about now.

The UK's Chief Scientific 'expert' said Covid-19 will have 'increased pressure' this winter as he further drip-feeds the real intentions of SAGE for permanent control over everyone's lives in this country.

So called 'experts' have been claiming that July will see an even bigger wave than the supposed one they fixed in January. The constant scare mongering and lies has been fed to the media incessantly, as planned, since the last milestone was reached in May. But some ministers now fear restrictions until at least Spring 2022 after Boris Johnson delays the end of lockdown.

Patrick Vallance claimed that September would see Covid-19 cases rising as temperatures cooled and people spent more time indoors again. In reality, SAGE hijacked flu and pneumonia cases, as they 'mysteriously' disappeared, and fully intend to do that again for next winter. Speaking to the G7 summit via video, Vallance claimed “We expect there to be increased pressure from coronavirus in the winter again”

Vallance's colleagues have been triumphantly saying it was "inevitable" Boris Johnson would delay the end of lockdown rules on June 21, almost unable to contain themselves that they have managed to 'hobble' the Roadmap.

One Minister has express reservations about constant lockdown restrictions. The minister told the Sunday Telegraph: “I am very worried the people who want to keep us shut down now want to keep us shut down permanently and are aiming for 'zero Covid'. - it's only taken them a 18 months to figure that out, but went on to say "Once you start delaying to the spring, you're making this type of control of people's lives semi-permanent."

Ministers have been all over the media claiming that June 21st 'may' be delayed, when it was NEVER going to happen. The five weeks since the last restriction step has been taken up with a narrative that a third wave was going to kill us all and SAGE busily set about faking data, leaking news stories to the press and briefing against the government. Even the most gullible of people are beginning to realise that there are no deaths from Covid, and positive cases remain a total irreliviance at best, but more likely utter rubbish.

Johnson is likely to say that there will be a month's 'delay' in the final milestone being reached, but those wise to this fraud know that, come July that a-another 'crisis' will be put forward that will mean that those date will need to be pushed back further.

Restrictions lifting on 21st was NEVER going to happen. It would have taken away the 'state of emergency', and thus remove the Vaccine 'emergency approval status'.

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