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Sadiq Khan Pays £1000 Bonus to 'Night Czar' for Drag Act Whilst Knife Crime Soars

Sadiq Khan is again under fire for giving £1000 of Taxpayers money to his friend Amy Lame to hold a Drag Act party whilst continuing to insist he was not responsible for Knife Crime soaring in his city.

Amy Lame was appointed by Sadiq Khan as London's first 'Night Czar' in 2016. Lame already earns £75,000 a year for the post, but was given the £1k bonus for putting on a Drag Act to mark Khan's 2019 Borough of Culture Celebrations (no, it made no sense to us either). This is not the first LGBTQ event Amy Lame has staged. In fact, you could go as far as to say that she is obsessed with the LGBTQ agenda. A look on her twitter page shows the Anglo-American to be a campaigner and activist for LGBTQ rights and is clearly using her position to promote them. Her appointment was previously criticised when she posted offensive tweets on Twitter in 2016 and for an exhibition at Tate Britain she commissioned in 2009 for it's cleary anti-man agenda.

Whilst Drag-act parties, LGBTQ parades and Misandry exhibitions are held in London on a regular basis, Knife Crime in the capital continues to soar. Khan however, refuses to accept any responsibility for this, claiming that police funding is the cause.

Vision News 2020

Sadiq Khan screen grab

Tate Photo Martin Firrell -, CC BY-SA 3.0,

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