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Russia Report Reveals Sod-All About Kremlin Interference, 'Because They Didn't Look' Claims Grieve

The much anticipated Report into alleged interference by Russia has been a huge disappointment to the Left who were convinced Brexit voters were easily manipulated.

In a repeat of US politics, Britain's Left-wing politicians and media maintained that Russian operatives, under president Putin's orders, had attempted to 'disrupt' the Brexit Referendum. The premise of this meddling was not Russian secret agents hacking the UK government's databases and changing the Referendum result, nor was it secret agents assassinating politicians to change the way the vote would go, it was that Russian 'operatives' had posted 'disinformation' on Facebook and Twitter and, so cunning were these messages, that the thick working class racists who voted for Brexit were completely taken-in by them, that they changed the way they voted, thus throwing the referendum.

The 50 page report has no smoking gun, no real evidence at all that Russia actively meddled in, let alone effected the outcome of, the 2016 Referendum. The report appears to start from the conclusion, and since there is no evidence to show those who demanded it have put a typical spin on it's findings claiming:

"The British government and intelligence agencies failed to prepare or conduct any proper assessment of Kremlin attempts to interfere with the 2016 Brexit referendum, according to the long-delayed Russia report."

The Guardian called this "The damning conclusion" claiming that the parliament’s intelligence and security committee had concluded that "ministers in effect turned a blind eye to allegations of Russian disruption." Dominic Grieve, chair of the committee, gave the conclusion further spin by implying the only reason the government didn't find any evidence was that they didn't look until it was too late. Grieve said the government “had not seen or sought evidence of successful interference in UK democratic processes at the time, and it made clear that no serious effort was made to do so."

Grieve, an ardent Remainer, is still trying to push the idea that the Brexit result wasn't lawful, presumably so he can say that it was null and void, so pushes the idea, even now, that there was Russian interference with a lack of any evidence being because the government didn't look for it. Cleverly, Grieve maintains the idea that Russia really had caused Brexit, even though there's no evidence of it, whilst at the same time also blaming the Government for it. The MSM have taken this argument and published that as the conclusion.

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