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Red Cross Caught Helping Illegals Avoid Border Patrols to Get Into U.S.

Charity Provided migrants with maps and instructions on how to cross the border Into the United States illegally.

The Red Cross is providing materials to undocumented immigrants in an attempt help them successfully illegally cross the border into the U.S., according to a report by the Daily Caller. The documents, obtained by The Daily Caller show “maps and guides for migrants to make the dangerous journeys to the U.S.-Mexico border.”

One map highlights common routes which would take immigrants directly to cities including El Paso and McAllen in Texas, as well as Nogales in Arizona.

The report states:

The map, which is part of a packet stamped with the International Committee of the Red Cross and American Red Cross logos, shows a list of resources, including hotels, clinics and shelters where migrants can get support in Mexico and Central America. The maps include clearly defined lines leading to cities along the U.S. border. The organization also has a guide to “self care” along the journey, which includes tips on how to survive the desert and disease, how to safely jump on trains, and how to obtain contraceptives.

Commenting on the findings Friday, Arizona Sheriff Mark Lamb said “They didn’t tell asthmatics to bring their inhalers. They didn’t tell diabetics to bring their diabetes medicine, but they did tell the women to bring contraceptives because they know that women are being raped.”

The charity is actively helping people break U.S. law to enter the country illegally. They are not just providing food and shelter to the Mexican Caravan, but supplying them with a 'how-to' guide to entering the country illegally. The Daily Caller has been urged to hand over the evidence to the U.S. Justice Department which may result in the charity being suspended for fund raising in the U.S.

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