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Quad Vaxxed Fauci Took Antivirals before Recovering from Covid

But says it was all those jabs that made him better.

When Anthony Fauci said he had Covid last month many rolled their eyes. Here was the chief purveyor of vaccines falling for the very illness the assured us all that his lotions and potions would stave off.

In the interview following his recovery, Fauci credited getting quad vaxxed with keeping him from having a “much more serious” bout with COVID-19. He claims:

“I’m really fortunate that I’ve done very well, and I keep telling people … is that I was vaccinated (with first two doses) and doubly boosted, and I believe that if i did not have that degree of background protection, I would have had a much more serious course. My course was relatively light. Minor symptoms. And right now i am completely without symptoms.”

How exactly Fauci knows that the mild flu would make him lethally ill without his quad dose of mRNA is unknown, sounding little more than blind faith.

Whilst Fauci claimed it was the repeated mRNA vaccine that saved him from certain death he neglected to mention the fact he took two full rounds of oral antiviral medication, against the guidance of his own government health agencies.

Was it the four mRNA vaccines or the antivirals that saved the diminutive medicine man? Have we factored in the power of prayer, or the fact that Covid is a cold and he's unlikely to die of it anyway?

Fauci’s messaging on the miracle cure continues to change as pharmaceutical companies recommend more and more doses of miracle cure. At first, Fauci claimed the primary series of mRNA shots would effectively immunize people from COVID-19. Then, Fauci claimed that three doses was the optimal regimen. Now, he has endorsed seasonal injections of the miracle cure.

All together, Fauci has claimed to have been sick for almost a whole month, after testing positive in mid June. This is hardly evidence that a quad vaxxed and double antiviral pilled regimen somehow saved Fauci from a worse outcome, as his bout with COVID was much worse than the statistical norm.

At the end of the interview, Fauci expressed disappointment that his friends at Pfizer and Moderna have only been able to inject a small percentage of the infant and toddler population with the experimental mRNA injections. The loyal pharmaceutical salesmen saying:

“We’ve gotta do better on the numbers because we’ve still got a relatively small fraction of those children who are eligible, and we need to get them vaccinated,”

Sprinkling in the usual evidence-free fear mongering, he added: “Children can get severe disease. There’s no doubt about that.”


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