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Post-Covid Society is a “National Obedience Contest” Warns Professor

Norwegian psychology professor Charlotte Reedtz warns that our post-corona society has turned into a “national obedience contest” that will have a devastating effect on mental health for years to come.

A Professor of Psychology at the University of Tromsø, Reedtz said that “The political landscape has changed to become a national obedience contest,” . Speaking to the Norwegian national broadcaster NRK Professor Reedtz said We compete to have the strictest measures for the entire population in the whole country, as long as possible. And all this without having weighed the cost and effect of the measures you put in place against the costs and consequences.”

Reedtz went on to say that the measures used to fight the pandemic will end up having a worse impact than the pandemic itself. Something echoed by other scientists, who have also pointed out that the cost vs benefit analysis was NEVER done, and Reedtz pointed out that “We have a large increase in mental health problems, social and emotional problems, in a broad swath of children and adolescents. In many ways, we actually do much worse after all these measures,”

Reedtz noted that young people will suffer the most and that everyone had been “too obedient” and that they should “rebel a little.”

Norway has recorded only 640 COVID-19 deaths during the entire pandemic, and yet still came under Coronavirus restrictions much as the rest of Europe.

professor Charlotte Reedtz joins a growing number of experts who have been whistle-blowers on the pandemic. As we reported last week, a Stanford Professor called Lockdowns "“WORST PUBLIC HEALTH MISTAKE in Last 100 Years”

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