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Police to Enforce ‘Rule of Six’ Even at Christmas With Help of Snitching Neighbours

Boris Johnson’s new law is set to be enforced rigorously, regardless of Christmas, a source tells Vision News.

Deaths from Covid-19 continue to be in single figures on many days a month but the Government still maintain that Covid-19 is a serious plague that, according to Matt Hancock, could kill ‘hundreds of thousands’ in a second wave.

As testing increases the government appear to be under the impression that infection rates are coincidentally on the rise, prompting the new ‘Rule of Six’ law. Like so many new laws passed since the Coronavirus Act gave government sweeping new powers, the 'Rule of Six' was not debated or voted on in parliament, merely another diktat issued by an increasingly authoritarian government.

In yesterday’s speech Boris Johnson made clear that any group of more than 6 people “will be breaking the law” whilst Chris Whitty said the period “between now and spring is going to be difficult” and said the public should expect the new measures to be in place for a number of months. Going on to say “I think in terms of the existing restrictions, people should see this as the next block of time that may not last for many months, but it is very unlikely to be over in just two or three weeks. stated “this is not going to be for two or three weeks” Effectively that means Christmas.

The government have also spoken to police commissioners on ways they can actively enforce the law, likely to be broken by many families over Christmas. To help the police catch those breaking this law, resources have been focused on renewing the ‘snitching phone-line’ where authorities encourage neighbours to snitch on those they think are breaking lockdown rules. The target of this phone-line are the ‘Karens’ who have been all over social media moaning about people they see not wearing masks. The type of stroppy middle-aged woman who feels they have a moral imperative to shout at those better informed than them.

In addition to the snitch-line the government have raised the fines for breaking their undemocratic rules to £3500 for repeat offenders. And the police have reiterated their intention to apply the law, 'regardless of what religious festival may be happening'.

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