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Police Release Images of BLM Rioters For Violent Clashes That "Didn't Happen"

Despite the constant claims by BLM activists that there wasn't any violence or law breaking at last weekend's protests, Metropolitan Police have released the first batch of Images from CCTV footage of people they want to talk to about violence that WAS performed by Black Lives Matters rioters last weekend.

The 35 images were captured by various CCTV and police cameras and clearly show the faces of those they have identified as perpetrating "Violent actions" at the London protests. Black Lives Matters representatives previously claimed, repeatedly, that 'there was no violence by protesters, only by the Police' which has now proved to be a lie. Nobody from the Marxist organisation has commented on the release by Met Police, however, it is likely that this will further their narrative of Police 'victimising' their members.

If you have any information about those in the images please call Crimestoppers 0800 555 111.

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