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Police Officer PUNCHES Cafe Owner In The FACE Whilst He Tries to Earn a Living

In a shocking video that has gone viral a Manchester Police officer is seen punching a man full in the face in the latest Covid crackdown.

The incident, which was filmed by one of the cafe customers, has lead to calls for the Police officer to face charges of assault, but this is unlikely as heavy-handed policing, particularly for political issues, is now commonplace in Britain.

The Cafe owner's 'crime' ? Opening his premises to serve coffee and toasties to patrons in an attempt to stave-off bankruptcy.

24 Hours previously the same cafe had been visited by Police officers and council officials who had left following a brief discussion with the owner. This video had also gone viral and it is thought that it receiving so much praise and adulation from views had angered authorities who instructed officers to return to the cafe and 'rectify' the situation.

In the interim 24 hours, between the cafe opening and the owners arrest, not a single one of the 100+ customers, none of whom were wearing masks, have died, fallen ill or known to have contracted so much as a cold.

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