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Police Begin Crackdown on Anti-Vaxxers with Beatings, Violent Arrests, and Kettling of Protesters

This is just the beginning.

Last month's mass protest in London did little to change the coming totalitarianism, but it did anger the Government who vowed to stamp out any future descent against its plans in a much more brutal way. We saw, on 'Freedom Day' that crackdown has started.

On the massive con that was 'freedom day' thousands again took to the streets to protest, but unlike the previous event, faced a much larger, and far more violent, police presence. Videos of the protest emerged online, many have been taken down, particularly the ones that social media companies say contain 'vaccine misinformation'. But the other videos, the ones showing the paramilitary style police viciously beating protesters, have been left up, presumably as a warning to those who are thinking of speaking out.

Disagree with the government? Then this is what you'll get.

Watch the video and you will see there's a striking similarity to the recent Hong Kong protests. But this is not China, this is Britain, the scenes being played out in our very own Parliament Square, outside the mother of parliaments and the heart of our democracy. That square now no different from Tiananmen Square, protesters against a totalitarian government are brutally beaten in both.

The Government have also issued 'D-notices' to the media demanding they must not report on any anti-vaccine protests, something else that resembles communist China.

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June 28th

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