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Pfizer Questioned if Secret Indemnity Clause Included Fraud

Senator Malcolm Roberts and Senator Gerard Rennick grills Pfizer executives.

Senator Malcolm Roberts

'The company was very reluctant to attend the committee hearing and also reluctant to supply a straight answer, automatically falling back on their 'safe and effective' mantra to dodge answering the question. Already, this Senate Hearing revealed that Pfizer is rewriting history on transmission of infection. We're supposed to conveniently forget they said "get it to protect others, to save grandma" and "when you're vaccinated the virus stops with you".

'Hiding behind their indemnity contract with our government and dodging responsibility. ATAGI and the Australian governments must stop pushing these unsafe and ineffective shots and drop the destructive mandates now.'

Senator Gerard Rennick

'Last night the Senate finally got to question Pfizer as to the effectiveness of the Covid vaccine. It was disappointing that they would not acknowledge the lack of testing they performed prior to the rollout, nor could they explain why it damages heart muscle.

If they can’t explain the biological mechanism as to why it causes damage to the heart then they can’t guarantee it doesn’t cause other injuries. Despite all of this they continue to claim the vaccine is safe and effective without qualifying the risks.'

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All the lying bastard Pfizer executives should, in the absence of death penalties , be jailed and the keys thrown away.

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