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People Who Opposed Lockdowns Caused COVID Deaths Says College Textbook

“Lives were lost because some Americans held beliefs that were at odds with the facts.”

Students in the US are now able to read about how selfish 'Anti-Vaxxers' killed people because of their terrible ignorance, or at least, that is what pupils in North Carolina are being told.

The textbook, which is required reading at colleges in the State tells pupils that anyone opposing lockdowns and masking is directly to blame for COVID deaths and the spread of the virus.

Campus Reform obtained a copy of the textbook, which also states that the severe restrictions imposed by the Biden government “saved tens of thousands of lives” and that Americans who flout them should be held responsible, despite scientific research that has found lockdowns will actually cause millions of excess deaths.

A passage in the book reads

Most Americans responded to the pandemic by limiting their social contact, covering their faces when going out, and washing their hands thoroughly after they did,” adding “yet lives were lost because some Americans held beliefs that were at odds with the facts.”

One student at the college who wished to remain anonymous told Campus Reform that it is highly ironic that material on a critical thinking module isn’t “allowing me or other students to think critically about things.”

Jeff Lowarance, Vice President of Communications at Central Piedmont claimed that “Textbooks reflect the knowledge and the opinions of the authors, not necessarily the college,” and that “students always are encouraged to question and discuss their class materials.”

Some of the reviews of the textbook on Amazon note the open bias of the material:

This is the first in what will undoubtedly be the norm in Schools and Universities everywhere. In much the same way that Nazi propaganda began being authored in German textbooks during the 1930s accusing Jews of being the cause of all financial, political and social ills in the country, post scamdemic textbooks will accuse free-thinkers of being the cause of everything. History is always written by the victor, and it looks increasingly like the authoritarians have won.

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Patricia Sullivan
Patricia Sullivan
Sep 09, 2021

......................."says college textbook" very novel !! Paper will never refuse ink !

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