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Pandemic Created 573 New Billionaires, One Every 30 Hours

Pre-Covid the world had 2,095 billionaires. Today there are 2,668.

There are now over 500 new Billionaires in the world, thanks to covid. At the height of the pandemic, a new billionaire was being created every 30 hours. At an almost an identical rate (one every 30 hours) another million people around the world have been plunged into extreme poverty.

The pandemic created 40 new pharma billionaires. Pharmaceutical corporations like Moderna and Pfizer are making $1,000 profit every second just from their monopoly control of the COVID-19 vaccine, despite its development having been supported by billions of dollars in public investments. They are charging governments up to 24 times more than the potential cost of generic production.

Big Pharma isn't the only industry that benefited from the pandemic, corporations in the energy, and food are also posting record profits thanks to the 'resetting' of world economics. The fortunes of food and energy billionaires have risen by $453 billion in the last two years, equivalent to $1 billion every two days. Five of the largest energy companies (BP, Shell, Total Energies, Exxon and Chevron) are together making $2,600 profit every second, and there are now 62 new food billionaires too.

The figures now are truly staggering. Today, 2,668 billionaires — 573 more than in 2020 — own $12.7 trillion, an increase of $3.78 trillion, created as a direct result of saying there was a deadly virus on the loose, even when there wasn't.

If you're searching for a motive for what happened in the last two years then there's at least one strong candidate.

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