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Palestinian Terrorists Who Murdered 19 Used Boy as Human Shield

A 12-year-old Palestinian boy died on Monday after being shot and wounded by Israeli Defence Forces during an operation to apprehend terrorists responsible for the murder of 19 Israeli civilians.

Israeli soldiers entered the West Bank in pursuit of the terrorists, with the four taking refuge in a house occupied by other palestinians, including that of Mahmoud Samoudi who was fatally wounded. In an attempt to get away, the four gunmen opened fire on Israeli forces, using Samoudi as a human shield to gain an advantage. Israeli soldiers returned fire and In the resulting exchange Samoudi was hit in the abdomen and later died from his wounds.

Israeli forces have stepped up their response to terrorist attacks operating out of the West Bank as murders of Jewish civilians have spiked in recent months. Officials said that those they had identified as responsible for several murders in May had been tracked back to Jenin, a location that has previously been used as a hiding place for Palestinian gunmen and where Hamas have launched rockets from, again, using fellow Palestinians as human shields.

The soldiers killed two of the four terrorists and apprehended the other two in this incident and killed a fifth terrorist in the West Bank late the same day.


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