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Olympic Diver Who Urged Others to 'get the Vaccine' Dead Just Weeks After Having it

Ian Matos who told others to "believe in Science" died just weeks after having COVID-19 “vaccine.”

A 32-year-old Brazilian competitive diver is dead, as near-term antibody dependent enhancement (ADE) deaths and maimings continue claiming lives across the globe.

Ian Matos, full name Ian Carlos Gonçalves de Matos, received one of the experimental COVID-19 “vaccines” on August 4, according to his Instagram page. “Moment of pure joy” is the caption translation.

It’s unclear which injection he received or if it was the first or second (or third) injection. AstraZeneca and Sinovac are the two most common injections in Brazil as of July, according to The Brazilian Report. But the government suspended use of 12 million Sinovac injections in September due to the shots being manufactured in an unauthorized plant.

Unfortunate truth and death

Matos checked into a hospital sometime in late October after developing what seemed to be a simple throat infection that eventually spread to his lungs and stomach. The reports stipulate that this was 'not covid related' meaning that the likelihood of a super fit, healthy olympic athlete succumbed to something else. Something that had lowered his immune system to such an extent that one of the world's fittest people was susceptible to what normally would not have affected him at all. Matos remained in hospital ever since being admitted in October with his condition worsening by the day until he passed away on December 22. According to the Covid Blog a website that reports deaths and serious injuries caused by the vaccine the death was likely an antibody dependent enhancement death.

The 2016 Summer Olympics were the pinnacle of Mr. Matos’ athletic career. He and diving partner Luiz Outerelo finished eighth out of eight teams in the men’s synchronized three-meter springboard event. Mr. Matos also won three bronze medals at the 2010 South American Games in Medellin, Colombia. But Mr. Matos was mostly known for “coming out” as homosexual in 2014.

Every news report about his death focuses on homosexuality. Most read “Gay Olympic Diving Star Ian Matos Is Dead at 32.” Half of the New York Post article announcing his death is about homosexuality, failing to mention the oddity of an olympic athlete dying at the age of 32 from a 'throat infection' or that Matos is only the latest of over a hundred athletes who have died in the last eight months.

Matos was another who tweeted and posted about the vaccine, taking to Instagram and Twitter to mock those who had refused to take the experimental Gene therapy. Mr. Matos wasn’t nearly as bad as many in the media, but he had his moments. Note in the post, the translation should read 500,000 deaths, not 500.

Sadly, it looks like Mr Martos confused 'believing in science' with believing media propaganda. His death may not be in vain though, as some are suggesting that professional Athletes like him should be seen as a canary in a coal mine.

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