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Official: If You're WHITE and BRITISH You Are An ENEMY of the STATE

Today may become a seminal moment in British history.

The Metropolitan Police today showed that, under Sadiq Khan's control, they are a corrupt and politicised organisation. They act like Khan's own private army of anti-white, anti-British, Brownshirts.

Today, a day that should have been reserved for British Citizens to honour their war dead, the Metropolitan Police systematically attacked, kettled, beat and arrested those very British Citizens. Their crime? being white, English and wanting to be at the Cenotaph on Armistice Day.

English people, in their own capital city, were baton-charged, clubbed, corralled, searched without reason, and arrested on mass to 'prevent' a breach of the peace.

Alan Miller, founder of Together, was detained by police, along with dozens of others, whilst in a Pub, having lunch. He was then searched without cause.

Police heard to say "you deserve what you're getting" after clubbing a man on the head:

Met Police attempted to prevent British citizens from getting to the National Memorial on Armistice Day, but several broke through the line.

In stark contrast the Pro-Palestinian march was escorted across London under instruction from fellow Muslim Sadiq Khan.

A man holding a sign saying Hamas is ISIS was attacked. It later was confirmed that he was stabbed during the incident.

A British couple were accosted on Victoria Station because they were wearing Armistice Day pins that featured a cenotaph and a Union Jack design. The police did not make any arrests but gave the couple a warning.

It took Pat Condell to once again sum up the madness.

"When William Blake imagined Jerusalem in England’s green and pleasant land, I don’t think an invading Muslim army is what he had in mind."

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