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Now Those Who've HAD a Vaccine Get Banned from Pop Concert

Make up you're feckin' mind

Concerts are returning to Broadway, and other locations across the U.S. but you’ll need to have received a vaccine that has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in order to attend. Bruce Springsteen will be the first artist to play at Broadway since last March. Audience members will be forced to show proof of vaccination or prevented from attending, but even if you've had both jabs of the AstraZeneca vaccine you STILL can't come in.

The show, billed as 'an intimate night with Bruce, his guitar, a piano and his stories' wis scheduled to run for five nights a week at the St James Theatre on Broadway but the promoters have said "At the direction of New York State, Springsteen on Broadway will only accept proof of FDA-approved Covid vaccines" "Anyone who has received another jab, or is unwilling to, or unable to, have a vaccine will not be allowed to attend."

According to reports the news has been met with disappointment just hours north, across the Canadian border where 1.7 million people have already had the AstraZeneca vaccine. One Canadian fan said "this is f*cked-up, we were told to get the vaccine, they didn't tell us which one, or even give us an option, now what am i supposed to do?"

Only those who have had a Moderna, Pfizer or Johnson & Johnson vaccine will be allowed at the events. There are no signs that those who have not taken a Covid vaccine due to medical reasons being exempt from these rules either, it appears that the Health Apartheid will soon be in full swing, even if you've had a vaccine, if you've had the 'wrong' type given to you, you may be no better off than not having one at all.

The website says that the only exception to the rules will be for young children, but that loophole is expected to closed as more countries start vaccinating children for the sake of other (theoretical) people's health.

So why hasn't the FDA approved the AstraZeneca vaccine for use on Americans? After all, Boris Johnson claimed it was "Nothing short of a miracle", Matt Hancock says it's "Perfectly safe and affective" and the drug company who made it claim: 'Results demonstrated vaccine efficacy of 76% (CI: 59% to 86%) after a first dose, with protection maintained to the second dose. With an inter-dose interval of 12 weeks or more, vaccine efficacy increased to 82% (CI: 63%, 92%).'

So seems a bit odd then that the cheapest of all the current vaccines on the go hasn't been given the green-light by the FDA. According to some in the FDA they began to get cold feet over the AZ vaccine as it was plagued with problems during its development. Unexplained deaths halted trials early trials and then phase 3 trials were also halted after a patient in the U.K. showed symptoms of a serious neurological disorder called transverse myelitis. After a 45-day pause, and the media storm died down the trial resumed.

However, that was just the beginning of the troubles, soon after the vaccine was released reports of deaths and life-changing injuries began coming in, with several countries so alarmed by the deaths that they halted their use immediately. German were first to flag up the risk and were dismissed by British 'experts' as sour grapes because Britain had been the rest of the world to be the first to release a Covid Vaccine. The experts continued to claim that blood clots in the brains of dozens of young healthy people were 'within normal range' and attempted to reason away the deaths as unrelated to the vaccine.

Whilst Vaccine deaths were being played down (or ignored) the FDA gathered the data from the countries with no vested interest in the vaccine being a winner and decided not to grant it a licence.

the UK Government report that 885 fatal outcomes after the AstraZeneca vaccine was administered but still maintain that these deaths may be unrelated. However, overwhelmingly these deaths occurred in the young, and deaths from blood clots in young healthy people is incredibly rare. The FDA clearly take a very different view over the efficacy and safety of the AstraZeneca vaccine to that of UK authorities and decided that it will not get a US licence. They're not daft, they're giving it a swerve.

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