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No Vaccine or Testing Needed for 25,000 COP26 Attendees Coming to Glasgow

It's almost as if they know something we don't.

25,000 delegates attending the climate change conference in Glasgow next month are entirely exempt from any type of Coronavirus restrictions. No testing, quarantining or even showing your vaccine status will be asked of the delegates. As far as these technocrats are concerned; there is no pandemic.

GB News presenter Nigel Farage said: "I understand that all 25,000 delegates that are coming in will be exempted completely from all COVID testing."

"This doesn't appear thus far to have had much debate but when people are flying back in from half-term holidays as they will be, having the kids and the family test at a great expense and they see 25,000 delegates arriving, without having to do that, I would have thought there may just be some local resentment about that."

GB News' Scotland reporter Davie Donaldson replied: "Yeah I mean I think there will be and I discussed this last week when I was standing outside the venue and said that you know 25,000 delegates coming in, double vaccination passport, not required. " He went on to say:

"The other part of my report last week was that not just having 25,000 people coming in, but encouraging them to stay within people's homes in Glasgow. to me, complete madness, because surely if they're not tested you have no guarantee that they don't actually have COVID themselves and then you'd encourage him to go out into the community and live amongst the people. But yeah I mean, as I said before, it's not just the people at Glasgow who are upset."

But Davie Donaldson has missed the point of this with his report. He is assuming that there is a real pandemic and that the influx of people could bring in more cases of the virus, but clearly 25,000 of the world's top scientists and politicians know that the pandemic is a hoax. They will no-doubt wear masks for the cameras and try and link covid with climate but off camera it's a completely different story. In fact, many of those who will be attending are the same scientists and politicians behind the Pandemic, what some are calling a 'dry run' for what is to come.

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Patricia Sullivan
Patricia Sullivan
Oct 27, 2021

Well just maybe al - a - ak - bar will pay them a visit shouting "surprise, surprise" !!!!

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