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It was merely a question of 'luck' that you got all of your predictions right anyway says Emily Oster.

It was the biggest medical fraud in all human history, and a crime against humanity itself. The rabid supporters of lockdowns and vaccine mandates helped some of the world's most evil people accumulate vast sums of wealth and power, happily cheering them on as they did.

Lockdowns ruined lives, destroyed the economy and killed more than Covid ever did. Whilst tens of thousands more died because of a toxic spike protein they falsely called a 'vaccine'. Whilst Useful idiots in the NHS fostered the idea that they were 'heroes' and not complicit in the murderous fraud, the real heroes were the ones who stood up against the lockdowns, against the mandates, against the tyranny.

We didn't mind the playground name calling, but the vilification of us cannot go unchecked. The accusation that we were all 'granny killers'; causing lockdowns; and responsible for the vaccine not working, especially when we were the ones who DIDN'T take it, cannot be forgiven.

Over 120,000 Doctors, Nurses and Care Workers lost their jobs as a direct result of this witch hunt, with several taking their own lives in the aftermath. That cannot be forgiven either.

Why should we now have an amnesty just because the Covidians are losing? What's in it for us? To be the bigger person?

Fuck That!

Our lives have been made a misery for two years. We deserve retribution, and many of us won't rest until we get it. Those who took part in that witch-hunt should know this:

You're all on notice

a widely shared article in the Atlantic, which calls for a ‘pandemic amnesty’ has been written by American economist Emily Oster who asks us to ‘forgive one another for what we did and said when we were in the dark about Covid’. It quickly becomes clear why Oster would prefer us to move on.

As late as last summer Oster was still attempting to vilify those wiser than her. She supported vaccine mandates in universities and for workers and was firmly in the camp that was happy to criminalise meeting a friend for coffee or to separate people from their dying loved ones.

Now that the truth is emerging, that lockdowns weren't needed, masks didn't work, social distancing was useless, asymptomatic really was 'healthy' and the jab is neither safe or effective, Oster is suddenly changing her tune. The crux of her argument is that the people baying for more lockdowns, harsher restrictions and vaccine mandates couldn’t possibly have known any different at the time. She says that they couldn’t have known that outdoor transmission of Covid was rare, that schoolchildren were always a low-risk group and that cloth masks were virtually useless in preventing viral spread. But many did know these facts, including back in the spring of 2020, the evidence was all there, hiding in plain sight.

Don't think for a moment that Oster has been red-pilled either, she maintains that it was merely a question of 'luck' that you got all of those things right.

When Oster published her demands people took to Twitter to tell her that nobody was being let off the hook and they should prepare for what's coming.

“And let Fauci off the hook? No way,” Ohio Representative Jim Jordan tweeted in response.

Monica Crowley, a former Assistant Secretary of the Treasury during the Trump administration, tweeted, “HELL NO. Accountability is coming. Soon.”

Radio host Erick Erickson wrote that “I started the pandemic giving the experts the benefit of the doubt. I embraced the vaccine (not all the boosters). There doesn’t need to be amnesty, but accountability for what experts over time got wrong and dogmatically used the press to censor dissent”.

“Absolutely no Amnesty,” Dave Rubin wrote. “Some of us did not lose our minds, did not force vaccines or lockdowns, and instead fought for freedom the entire time.” “It’s one thing to have gotten some things wrong over the past few years, it’s another to have led the charge to destroy human freedom,” he added.

“Amnesty??? Nah. How about mass public trials for the ‘experts’, Fauci, Daszak, big corporate bosses, and even task force chief Mike Pence?” Raheem Kassam tweeted.


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