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"No need for Covid inquiry as world has moved on" insists Mark Drakeford

Welsh First Minister very happy with his own performance.

Mark Drakeford has said there is no need for a Covid inquiry in Wales because the world has “moved on”. Drakeford had previously promised a Wales-only but has now changed his mind, saying that the one being done in England could also include Wales if people thought it was needed.

Drakeford, throughout the 'pandemic' acted like a dictator, using the virus to pass the longest, hardest and most draconian measures anywhere in the UK. He claimed that, once the virus reached the Welsh border, that it behaved completely differently to when it was in England, Scotland, or Northern Ireland. Drakeford used Covid as a cosh to beat citizens into submission with. The evidence was entirely missing for any of it, lockdowns, masks, the banning of gatherings and protests, had no effect on the case or death rates and with Drakeford abandoning any pretence that they did almost from the outset. It is no wonder that he doesn't want anyone looking too closely at what he did.

Andrew RT Davies, Conservative Senedd group leader, pressed Mr Drakeford again this week on whether a Wales inquiry would take place. Drakeford said the opposition leader could continue to make his case for one “as long and as loudly as he likes, in the meantime the world has moved on”.

An inquiry was “not going to happen”, he said, adding that “there will be no inquiry of that sort here in Wales”. His comments were met with audible gasps and shock in the Senedd. A Welsh Government spokesman later said Mr Drakeford was referring to a statement issued by the Covid Bereaved Families for Justice Cymru (CBFJC) on Tuesday which said they had “shifted their focus” to a UK-wide inquiry. But the group rejected the First Minister’s interpretation and said “We haven’t ‘moved on’.”

Anna-Louise Marsh-Rees, of the CBFJC, said on Twitter: “I wrote the statement saying we are now focusing on Wales in UK inquiry. It’s not cos we’ve moved on from a Wales inquiry it’s cos we have no choice.”

Opposition parties have continually criticised Mr Drakeford’s rejection of a Welsh-only inquiry. Rhun ap Iorwerth MS, Plaid Cymru’s spokesman for health and care, said last year: “The loss of life, as well as the loss of freedoms, of education, and a deep economic impact will weigh heavy on us for years to come. We’ll need to look at what happened in detail, and in public, to learn lessons for the future.”

He added that with so many policy areas devolved and individual decisions taken by the Welsh government “we need a Wales-specific inquiry”.

“Government has to take responsibility for its actions – good and bad, and there should be no avoidance of detailed scrutiny,” he said. Official inquiry's first hearing Mr Drakeford’s comments to the Senedd came on the same day as the official UK Covid inquiry held its first preliminary hearing. The CBFJC has been designated as a core participant in the first module of the inquiry which will explore the UK’s pandemic preparedness.

However, even if Wales did have it's own enquiry, it would take exactly the same form as the UKs. The mindset is that Covid was a deadly plague, that we didn't lockdown early enough, that every death claimed to be a covid death was a given, that there wasn't enough PPE or hospital beds, and that the vaccine is 'safe and effective'.

They won't look at if the virus actually existed; the fraudulent computer predictions; the use of psychological warfare on the British people, the fraudulent death certificates; the suppression of independent experts, the complete absence of cost vs benefit analyses for lockdowns, or the criminal activities of pharmaceuticals companies happily killing people with their indemnified products.

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