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NHS to Snoop on Your Step-Count via Mobile Phone as Part of Agenda 2030 Targets

The app is due to become mandatory for all service users in 2027.

The NHS are to use their App to monitor exactly how many steps a day you are taking towards yout 10,000 steps-a-day target and then bully you with the evidence.

The information on your daily performance will be automatically sent to your GP who will then use that information to 'advise' you that your health needs to be improved. The technology was embedded in the original NHS app, launched in 2020 under the guise of pandemic prevention, but the new version uses AI to monitor you in ever greater detail.

The updated app is part of a £3.4billion investment into new technology that was announced in the Spring Budget on Wednesday. The App will crunch the data on step-counts and heart rates, using the functions smartphones already have to offer what the NHS claims is 'personalised health advice' and to suggest potential screenings and treatments.

Health secretary Victoria Atkins claims that “a strong NHS helps a growing economy” and that measures such as this app will prove vital. To that end, £430million has been earmarked for the new app and new phone services. Ms Atkins told The Times: “If you think of the data that we have on our phones, healthcare is absolutely going to be there encouraging people to find out what is a healthy lifestyle for them. How can they help quit smoking, talking therapies on the NHS App … these are all things that are going to be helping us in future.”

The relationship between State and Individual was broken in 2020, when the National Health Service stopped being a 'service' and started being just another arm of the authoritarian state. To go about your daily life in Britain you had to have the NHS app on your phone, first for track and trace and then for Vaccine Passports for any type of travel whatsoever. The app is due to become mandatory for all users of NHS Services in 2027.

The NHS have also been purposefully making access to any type of service more difficult to 'encourage' people to put the app on their phones instead.

The 10,000 steps a day target, (five miles), is an unrealistic target with only 3% of the UK adult population walking five miles a day, and the government are well-aware of this. The unattainability of the goal is part of the plan. The motivation behind this is linked to the UN's 2030 Agenda and will form part of a China-style social credit system for British Citizens.

In Orwell's vision of the future, 1984, Big Brother demanded citizens did exercise every morning under the supervision of a health instructor. Physical Jerks were a form of mandatory physical exercise that Winston Smith was made to do. This daily routine was monitored via the telescreen every morning, with the instructor demanding party members get out of bed and take part in the physical activity. This exercise programme was specifically tailored to the individual's age group. If party members didn't take part, their food ration was 'adjusted' as a form of punishment.


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