NHS Protective Equipment And The Sick Practices That Caused Their Shortage

"It is not like the NHS didn't know this pandemic was coming. They did. For virtually the entire time I worked in predictive-modelling for the NHS it was assumed that we were 'overdue' a pandemic like the Spanish Flu of 1918 that killed so many" [50,000,000]

"It was common knowledge among the Epidemiologists and Data Scientists that it was only a matter of time before another one hit. We had a few false-starts, particularly the 'swine flu' of 2009 when a lot of NHS managers ran around like headless-chickens, achieving absolutely nothing in the process. There is literally no excuse for being unprepared, their lack of preparedness is criminal. It's not the Government's fault, its their lack of organisational skills. It would be a joke were it not the cause of unnecessary deaths."

These are the stark words of a former NHS employee who has taken odds with former colleagues who are blaming the current Government for the lack of protective equipment available to frontline staff.

The likes of Dr Rachel Clarke and others who are so quick to blame everything on Boris Johnson and the Conservative Government want to look much closer to home for who is responsible for putting their lives at risk. Because it is the NHS Managers in the very Trusts these people work, whose incompetence and ridiculous spending, has crippled the NHS with lack of available funds, putting their lives in danger.

The NHS has become a dysfunctional bureaucracy, managed by Socialists obsessed with posturing, virtue-signalling and vanity projects. Now, exactly at the time we need a national health service, because the nation itself is sick, those same managers are claiming they can't cope, have been starved of equipment and underfunded. Yet, we have found evidence of millions of pounds of taxpayers money being spent on non-jobs, political ideologies and costly white-elephants that has created a huge hole in the effectiveness of NHS operations.

The amount of non-jobs in the NHS is now staggering. The NHS is spending £58million a year on non-jobs such as ‘Art Curator’ and ‘car park environmental officers’, it has emerged. The list of non-job is ever increasing and now includes:

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Manager

Green label development Manager

Art Curator

Arts in hospital co-ordinator

Brand Manager

Laughter Therapies Manager

Dignity at Work Officer