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NHS Abandons Athlete Whose Life they Destroyed with Pfizer Vaccine

Abandoned by the NHS and still suffering life changing events caused by the vaccine.

Up until June 2021 Sarah lead a very normal, happy & healthy lifestyle. Even having run 3 marathons and 5 half marathons. Sarah was trying out a new sport with her friends, Stool ball, when she had her first seizure and had to be rushed to hospital, where they were unable, or unwilling to give a diagnosis or find a cause for her sudden seizure.

When a visit to see her mother in America was planned doctors assured her the Pfizer Vaccine had no link to her seizures, and she went ahead and got the 2nd Pfizer dose.

After Sarah receiving, this in August 2021, her life dramatically turned upside down; having on average 2-3 non epileptic seizures a day; tremors, absence seizures, loss of memory, loss of the ability to speak & write, weakness, headaches, sensitive eyes, tics and even paralysis, heart palpitations, difficulty in breathing and unable to walk.

After several traumatic hospital trips and lots of tests (normal EEG, sleep deprived EEG, MRI brain scan, 3 CT scans, EchoCardiogram, ultrasound & countless blood tests!). Sarah has been given a diagnosis over the phone of Functional Neurological Disorder (FND).

FND it is a condition where patients suffer neurological symptoms such as Sarah's listed above. Symptoms of FND are clinically recognisable that are not categorically associated with a definable organic disease.

As this is a specialised area the referral that has been made to a Neurologist with a 46 week wait through the NHS, the referral is to see this specialist at St. George's hospital. There have been no interim plans made by the doctors for any help in rehabilitation in the meantime and as you can imagine this is extremely frustrating and debilitating, effectively the NHS have caused this condition and subsequently abandoned her.

Abandoned by the NHS and still suffering life changing events caused by the vaccine Sarah has had to seek private medical care in an attempt to reverse the devastation the vaccine has inflicted on her body. This has presented Sarah with further challenges as the specialist she's approached charges up to £100,000 to be seen privately by him.

The neurological condition has completely turned Sarah's life upside down and taken away any form of independence; unable to work, relying on others to watch over her and accommodate her during the day or take her to places for appointments. Disabled by a vaccine that she medically didn't need.

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