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You won't be able to question these loonies when new bill is passed

Ireland’s parliament is creating a new media law that will compel companies to promote climate change propaganda.

A new media commission is set to be established in Ireland which would be mandated to push for the creation and broadcasting of climate change propaganda, so says Breitbart News. These powers are being considered as part of the Online 'Safety' and Media Regulation Bill, which strangely is almost identical to bills going through other parliaments, almost as if they were co-ordinated.

Under the current text of the proposed Bill, the new Coimisiún na Meán – which translates to media commission – will be mandated to “promote and stimulate… programmes relating to climate change and environmental sustainability”.

The new body will also be mandated to “have regard” for Ireland’s Climate Minister, and the policies of his department. As per the legislation: “In performing its functions the Commission shall have regard to policies of the Government and of the Minister for the Environment, Climate and Communications in respect of climate change and environmental sustainability.”

Also mandated within the legislation is for the new commission to be able to create so-called “online safety codes” aimed at forcing “designated online services” to “take appropriate measures to minimise the availability of harmful online content and risks arising from the availability of and exposure to such content” as well as “that service providers take any other measures that are appropriate to protect users of their services from harmful online content”.

While these new proposals regarding media regulation have been raising eyebrows online, this is far from the first time the Irish legislature made strange rulings for the sake of the climate agenda.

Not only will the new law mandate climate change propaganda, it will also compel social media companies to seek out and destroy any posts that question the climate change agenda. Any debate, information, study, report or fact that counters to the climate change narrative will not just be labelled 'misinformation' but will be actively removed from view, with the poster suffering sanctions against their account. The Ireland government are also considering the prosecution of climate change 'deniers', to serve as a reminder to those who want to alert others to the lie.


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