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Netflix ‘Pedophilia’ Show Prompts Thousands to Delete Their Account

Netflix show ‘Cuties’ has outraged thousands of subscribers who have responded to its release by deleting their account. Whilst the film and tv industry defend it and Guardian's sister paper the Independent calls it an “important contribution to the coming-of-age genre" watchers of the show have called it 'sick' and ‘normalising pedophilia’.

The film, which is aimed at pre-teens, features children from a ‘diverse’ neighbourhood attempting to win a dance competition. The dancing they do is not tap, ballroom or ballet but twerking, simulated sex acts and the mimicking of overtly sexualised rap videos.

After its release last week Twitter user Ghost Jim watched the movie and posted several clips which illustrate how the film is basically soft porn for pedophiles. He tweeted: “Netflix just released the controversial ‘Cuties’ and it’s worse than you could imagine. Make no mistake: Netflix is at the forefront of sexualising children and normalising pedophilia!”.

One scene shows the girls accusing a security guard of being a “pervert” and trying to molest them, whilst other revolting scenes in the film, including the girls experimenting with webcam porn and a girl taking a photo of her vagina and posting it online, have outraged thousands of Netflix subscribers who have deleted the streaming service as a result.

The media, always out of tune with the general public, have praised the film. The New Yorker said there was a “scurrilous campaign against the film waged by right-wingers", while Rolling Stone called the movie “a sensitive portrait of growing pains that deserves to be seen.” However, a petition to pressure Netflix into removing the movie has already reached over 123,000 signatures. And Turning Point UK has urged their followers to Defund Netflix and delete their account.

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