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Net Zero Climbdown as Brussels Abandons 2030 Ban on Petrol Car Sales

UK preparing to do the same.

A looming ban on the sale of all new internal combustion engine cars was thrown into chaos on Tuesday after Brussels quietly did a U-tune on the decision, after receiving strong opposition from the German car industry.

After the EU decided to abandon its ruling industry insiders have said that Britain's own rules, due to take effect in 2030, are untenable and will need to also be abandoned.

The u-turn revolves around the creation of e-fuels. According to Wikipedia e-fuels are: A class of synthetic fuels, are a type of drop-in replacement fuel. They are manufactured using captured carbon dioxide or carbon monoxide, together with hydrogen obtained from sustainable electricity sources such as wind, solar power.

The European Union will now ban the sale of traditional petrol and diesel cars from 2035 but permit these so-called e-fuels following a backroom compromise forced on it by the German authorities and signed off on Tuesday night.

Sources suggested that Whitehall was considering following the Commission’s lead by also allowing an e-fuel exemption. British carmakers Aston Martin and McLaren are already understood to be examining e-fuels as an option for powering future models. Critics of the Government’s Net Zero plans seized on the European Union’s decision as evidence that a total policy rethink is needed, while campaigners including Greenpeace have said that it could slow down electric vehicle adoption. …

The former Tory leader Sir Iain Duncan Smith said: “The 2030 deadline for the elimination of petrol and diesel engine cars in the U.K. is simply not achievable. Unless we delay, we hand a massive boost to the Chinese car manufacturers. They are already dominant.”

Britain is to ban the sale of new cars that run on petrol and diesel only in seven years’ time under plans drawn up by former Prime Minister Boris Johnson.


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