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Net Zero Britain Won't be Able to Keep the Lights On MPs Have Warned

But that may be the intended outcome all along.

Britain will struggle to keep the lights on using only net zero electricity as the roll-out of green energy fails to plug the widening gap between target and reality warn MPs.

A cross-party Business Select Committee of MPs has warned that Britain won't be able to keep the lights on in future as it chases unrealistic Net Zero targets. The Committee of MPs claims that "falling investor confidence and bureaucratic delays mean Britain’s efforts to produce entirely clean electricity are at risk of stalling"

However, critics of the entire Net Zero plan have long-since maintained that the targets are unreachable, are not based on science and their pursuit by successive governments will result in huge power-cuts for years, if not decades.

The MPs, appearing not to realise that the targets are unreachable, are calling on the government to come up with a “coherent, overarching plan” to boost green supplies — or risk missing climate targets. Demand for electricity is expected to soar as households buy electric cars and heat pumps, whilst eco-Communists attempt to find ways to ban even these.

Darren Jones, the Labour MP who chairs the committee, said: “Ministers think that publishing strategies and releasing social media videos will deliver the energy infrastructure the country needs." “Its failed before and it keeps failing. Without a coherent, overarching delivery plan, the Government risks undermining the UK’s ability to generate, store and distribute the fossil fuel free electricity the country needs to hit net zero.”

The Government wants to 'decarbonise' the power system by 2035, as part of efforts to slash carbon emissions to “net zero” across the economy by 2050. However, this target is rapidly being superseded by 'Absolute zero' as the eco-Communists move goalposts still further.

Despite data trends confirming that Net Zero targets won't be met, politicians appear to be either ignorant to the reality or are very aware they will be missed and that the resulting energy-rationing is the intended outcome all along. It certainly fits in with the IEA's 2030 plan which advocates the restricting of all energy consumption, regardless of how it is created.

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