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Monitor ALL Involuntarily Celibate Males in Case of 'Extremist Behaviour' Say 'Experts'

Left-Wing academics jump on Plymouth Shooting as 'example' of Incel Terrorism.

The shooting of five innocent people by Jake Davison last week has been a Godsend for the left-wing media. They didn't report the story simply as someone with mental health issues who had 'snapped' before going on the rampage and killing his family, they reported it as a terrorist act, perpetrated by a straight, white male, their favourite boogeyman.

Davison was a sado, there's no two ways about it, but the idea that some ramblings on youtube only watched by other, equally sad, virgins equate to some sort of Terrorist network is demented. Davison has been painted as some sort of Osama Bin Laden figure, Rallying other Incels to commit mass murder by posting terrorist threats on Youtube. The BBC from the get go has pushed the narrative that Incels are a real threat to the public, what with their dangerous misogyny and support of violence they're easily worse than any islamist terror threat; whilst the Guardian's characterisation of Incels is just plain unhinged, stating:

'Individuals who have gone for a mixed approach to extremist ideologies, able to accommodate the views of Tommy Robinson alongside Osama bin Laden, often adding a layer of conspiracy theory and fantastical tropes for good measure. Individuals who jump casually between fascist dogma, Islamism or misogyny are increasingly cropping up on the radar of intelligence agencies.'


As quickly as they painted George Floyd to be a saint, they have turned Davison into a far-right terrorist. But Incels, it would appear, have been on the radar of the Left for some time.

In May 2020 website 'The Conversation' an online magazine run by academics ran the headline ‘Incel’ violence is a form of extremism. It’s time we treated it as a security threat.

Left-wing website 'Vox', in 2019, ran a piece titled 'How a support group for the dateless became one of the internet’s most dangerous subcultures.' The Irish Times, in the same year published a piece headed 'Inside the Secret World of Incels: Misogyny, murder and cowardice' Whilst Global News Suggested 'Despite crackdown on incels, their discussion forums are still online'. All of these articles followed the same pattern, attempting to portray these social misfits as Right-Wing Terrorists.

Now academics are calling for all Incels to be monitored by the security services. Academics are calling for some sort of Minority Report 'Pre-Crime' algorithm be deployed to identify and monitor ALL Involuntarily Celibate men online, in case one of them may carry out a terrorist attack. Jonathan Hall, who is the UK's official Independent Reviewer of Terrorism Legislation said on Radio 4's Today programme: "The question is really whether or not the authorities want to treat the incel phenomenon as a terrorist risk. That would involve diverting resources or putting resources into it."


Your only crime to be suspected of being a terrorist threat these days seems to be being a virgin and to moan about it online.

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