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Millwall Right To 'Boo' BLM, Politics Has No Place In Football

Millwall fans rightly objected to having Marxist politics forced down their throats at a football match because politics has no place in football. Taking the knee, is intrinsically linked to the BLM movement and it is wholly unacceptable for the FA to promote an organisation with such clear, and offensive, political ideology. An organisation that wants to defund the police, smash capitalism, and break up the nuclear family, were they to achieve any of these Marxist ideologies, football matches would be the first to go. The BLM riots this summer showed their utter hatred and contempt for Britain and it’s heritage; they attacked the Police, desecrated war memorials, and graffitied Churchill’s statue. Is THIS what the FA supports?

The FA 20/21 Handbook clearly prohibits political or religious messages on any item of clothing, yet Black Lives Matter, currently registering with the electoral commission as a political party, was emblazoned across many players shirts last weekend. And let us not forget that FIFA found the England squad £35,000 for wearing POPPIES for Remembrance Day a few years back, repeating that ’no political symbols are allowed to be worn by any player or official during the game, even though the poppy is nothing to do with politics, the ruling was upheld.

Potato headed gilf-shagger Wayne Rooney said after the Millwall game that fans who objected to the politicisation and subversion of the national game “mindless” and called on fans not to tolerate this “discriminatory behaviour”, but I am guessing someone wrote that tweet for him as it contained words of more than one syllable. It is not discriminatory to dislike a political pressure group Wayne, you jug-eared twat, Millwall fans objected to the grievance-mongering, destruction, and violence that BLM stands for.

Whenever Sport has been politicised in the past it has never ended well. The Munich Olympics terrorist attacks, the Moscow olympics Russian cheating, and the English squad of 1938 performing the Nazi salute for ‘the sake of diplomacy’ are all stark reminders that Politics and Sport do not mix. The fans were right to show their contempt for the virtue-signalling, over-paid morons who they’d paid good money to see play football, not to be lectured, but I suggest you show your contempt by more than booing, vote with your feet. A few weeks of no revenue may sharpen the FA’s minds, though Wayne Rooney is unlikely to grasp that it is him who is being played.

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