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Midazolam: "A Good Death" for the Useless Eaters

Euthanasia by lethal injection to free-up hospital beds.

in 2020, when old people began dying in greater numbers than normal it was readily assumed that these were victims of the SARS-Cov2 virus, and proof, so drastically needed, that Covid-19 was the deadly disease the government said it was.

Relatives were ignored

Lost in the noise and the hysteria of that time were some faint voices from relatives of care-home residents, who maintained that their loved ones didn't die of Covid-19 at all, but were murdered. Murdered by the NHS. Those voices went unheard.

*Extract from "the NHS Murdered my Dad" - Andrew Bridgen

The Death-Row drug Midazolan was used to free up beds and 'save the NHS' .

Now, the evidence shows that those relatives were right. The NHS deliberately euthanised hundreds, if not thousands, of elderly people, who would have otherwise survived. Those patients often died in the most shocking ways; starved to death, or given the same lethal injection that Death Row prisoners receive in many US States.

The Government drew-up secret plans to 'withdraw' hospital care from people in care-homes and in hospitals in the event of a severe flu pandemic. Confidential Whitehall documents seen by the Telegraph show that the NHS were told to refuse treatment to those in care-homes and in geriatric hospital wards and, instead, put them straight on an 'end of life pathway'. This was done for fear the NHS would be overwhelmed. Triaged based on Government needs not Patient needs.

Health Secretary instructed Doctors to withdraw care to free up beds

Whitehall suggested that the Health Secretary had the power to authorise medics to prioritise one patient over another, or even stop providing critical care altogether, in the event of a flu pandemic. The Telegraph disclosed that care-homes were asked by NHS managers and GPs to place “Do Not Resuscitate” orders on ALL residents at the height of the pandemic to keep hospital beds free.

Thousands of elderly were tricked into having DNRs in the run-up to 2020

According to retired GP and author Vernon Coleman: 'Thousands of elderly and vulnerable people had been tricked into having DNR added to their medical records in 2019, in preparation for a pandemic. Coleman maintains that DNR (Do Not Resuscitate) on their medical records was added to sacrifice them to “Protect the NHS”.

In a shocking video that was banned by YouTube Coleman reported a series of incidents where patients, by no means at the end of their life, were included in the sickening deception. He went on to detail how one GP surgery sent out a letter to a care home catering for autistic adults saying that the carers should have plans to prevent their patients being resuscitated if they became critically ill, and another of a 51 year old man with Down Syndrome who was given a DNR because of that disability.

Documents seen by the Telegraph revealed that the Government proposed 'triaging' patients based on "their probability of survival", rather than ‘clinical need’ and this was on the opinion of NHS managers if they thought resources would be exhausted. They suggested that even in a severe flu pandemic, the Health Secretary could authorise medics to prioritise one patient over another, and even stop providing critical care altogether, effectively consigning those people to an horrific death.

The NHS were killing patients to save itself at the very same time the public was clapping for them in support.

Midazolam and Morphine were the 'primary tools' used to manage hospital beds

A document issued by the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence, NICE, on April 3rd 2020 regarding treatment for those suffering from Covid, and which included a section on treatment for those near the end of life gave NHS managers the tools by which they could manage hospital beds by putting patients straight on an end-of-life 'care' pathway which involved giving those patients massive doses of morphine and Midazolam claimed 'to ease the suffering of these individuals' but almost guaranteed to kill them.

Dr Mike Yeadon, giving evidence to the UK Parliament in 2023, gave a damning appraisal of the policy saying:

Briefly, mass ventilation of people inappropriately in hospitals; that led to lots of deaths. In care homes, many people were given sedatives and respiratory depressants which led to their deaths. My PhD was specifically in that area of opiates and respiratory depression. And in the community, people were denied life saving antibiotics and died of bacterial pneumonia.

Midazolam and Morphine was described as 'a good death' by Politicians

Luke Evans, a Doctor and Member of Parliament, made the chilling statement to the House of Commons Health and Social Care Committee on April 17th 2020

A good death needs three things: equipment, medication and the staff to administer it."

He later states:

"In line with that, morphine is currently prescribed per patient. The reason for that is to stop it being abused. I would have to prescribe it for Mr Hancock, for example. In this situation, however, if you are going into a healthcare home, you may not want to waste precious things such as morphine. Have you considered relaxing the laws on doctors and healthcare professionals prescribing morphine, so that there is no waste?"

On equipment, do you have enough syringe drivers in the NHS to deliver medications to keep people comfortable when they are passing away?

In April of 2020, prescriptions for Midazolam shot up, doubling in a single month.

Morphine was also prescribed in unprecedented quantities

Increase in Midazolam doses given correlates exactly with deaths

"physicians have been empowered to grant a mercy death to patients considered incurable, the mentally ill, and the handicapped.”

That's not a quote from the NHS. but from a Nazi document published in October 1939. Yet, it bears a striking resemblance to the pandemic plan drawn up by the British Government and dutifully carried out by the NHS in 2020.

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