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Marxists Celebrate Prince Philip's Death With Champagne Outside Buckingham Palace

A pair of Marxists were caught on camera outside Buckingham Palace carrying champagne bottles in an apparent effort to celebrate the death of Prince Philip only hours after the announcement.

YouTuber Mahyar Tousi spotted the vile behaviour, tweeting, “A couple of attention seekers with bottles of champagne being disrespectful outside Buckingham Palace.”

Tom Harwood confronted the two cretins, one of the individuals said they were engaging in a “celebration of death.”

Marxists were out in force all over the internet post vile comments about the death of Prince Philip, truly moronic. Innumerable Twitter users wasted no time in crudely celebrating the death of the Royal, trashing Prince Philip because he committed the sin decades ago of uttering what today’s hyper-woke society would deem to be “racist” comments.

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