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"Majority of Patients in A&E are Vaccination Injuries" Says NHS Nurse Who Had Adverse Event

Jessie - 31 Years Old suffers Severe Adverse Reactions to Pfizer COVID Vaccine.

An NHS Nurse who was forced to get the vaccine or face losing her job suffered a severe adverse reaction which hospitalised her.

This is her account:

I was against taking the COVID vaccine.

I have a neurological brain condition called intracranial hypertension. I had approached my doctor and neurologist for a medical exemption against the vaccination but they refused. From a consultant Neurologist at QEH, "There is no neurological reason for your to not have the COVID Vaccine."

Because of my job & the UK government making it mandatory for NHS & healthcare workers to be vaccinated, I reluctantly had the first dose of Pfizer on January 4th, 2022.

Since having the first dose of Pfizer I have had severe headaches and severe breathing problems. I am very breathless when I move around or walk. I also have heart palpitations.

Two days after my first Pfizer dose, I went to my local A&E department with these symptoms.

A nurse who did my initial triage said the majority of patients in A&E are vaccination injuries.

However, the doctor who I saw said my symptoms are common and he dismissed my concerns. An ECG of my heart was done & blood tests. I’ve not had the results back from my blood test yet but I am back home and still very unwell struggling to breathe properly.

The nurse who did the triage said the government needs to stop with the vaccinations. They’re giving it too soon and they're giving it to too many people and it is causing many many people to become unwell from side effects.

I want to share my story to warn others of the risks.

I’m 31 years old. I took this vaccination reluctantly to keep my 13 year career in healthcare. Now it seems I’m paying the price and I have no idea how long these symptoms will last for… that’s even if I recover from them.

Thank you for helping share my story with others.

❤️ Jessie

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