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London Has Fallen: Terrorist Supporters Occupy Capital, Using the Cenotaph as a Mosque

Police make arrests, but only people waving Union Jacks.

For the third Saturday in a row, thousands of terrorist supporters descended on London. The crowd took siege to Downing Street where they attempted to attack the Cenotaph around 2.30 this afternoon.

Among the Hamas supporters were two British Nationalists with a counterprotest of their own, said to be outraged by the disrespect shown by the Pro-Palestinians. The two, a man and a woman, waved a Union Jack as part of their protest which got them promptly arrested for 'racist conduct' This is the third such incident in the last two weeks.

Repeated violence was witnessed in a protest the BBC called 'mainly peaceful'.

The Met Police stood by whilst pro-Palestine supports desecrated British monuments only stepping in to arrest English people for 'racism'.

Flags openly supporting Hamas and ISIS were again on display, as police stood ideally by.

In what is being seen as the ultimate display of disrespect, those who occupied Whitehall then used the Cenotaph as a Mosque.

Anti-Jewish groups have said that there are more protests to come and are calling on the British Government to help them speed up the killing of Jews.

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