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Lockdown Will Return to ‘Protect the NHS’ if Hospitals Come Under Pressure Says UK Government

Here we go again.

For many in Whitehall, the emergence of Covid was a perfect excuse for the biggest power grab ever in peacetime Britain. The con was so simple too: Claim that putting the entire country under house arrest was to 'save' the sacred NHS and most people would happily turn their home into their own prison. When it was clear that the plague story was a lie, the Government doubled-down on it, claiming mutations and killer variants were now going to kill us all, and, even more importantly, overwhelm the NHS.

Of course, none of that was true, the NHS was no busier at the height of the supposed pandemic than any other year. They always claim to be near to breaking point, and always claim that the coming winter will be worse than any other, forgetting that we have access to all the facts and can see for ourselves just what a huge lie it all was.

There were no excess deaths in 2020, the year was entirely average. And for much of the year, hospitals were quieter than normal, videos of completely empty wards surfaced on the internet but were quickly taken down by social media companies who claimed they were 'misinformation'.

Now, the government are acting like the lie was never exposed. When the six month period for emergency powers came to an end they simply renewed it, they weren't going to give up that amount of power, ever. New lockdowns hang like the sword of Damocles over all our heads.

Lord Syed Kamall, a Whitehall technocrat, said the (extortionate) 'free' lateral flow testing scheme may return as he raised the prospect of mandatory face masks also making a comeback. Both measures were axed in April as part of No. 10’s ‘living with Covid’ plan but were never abolished. merely put away for another day.

He told the House of Lords today:

“They [health officials] are still focusing on the backlog. If it gets to a point where it is affecting the backlog then clearly measures may well have to be introduced.”

Some hospitals have already started to reintroduce face masks and social distancing and it appears now that they will call a 'critical event' the second they have a full waiting room. The Covidians in government are again reporting that millions of Britons really have the plague even though they don't know it. Last week they claimed 2.7 million Britons were estimated to have been infected with Covid – one in 24 people – perpetuating the myth that the plague was still in town. Trusts are too banging the plague drum warning they face rising staff absences caused by high levels of transmission in the community, combined with additional admission pressure and may have to shut their doors again.

Asked what the Government was prepared to do in the face of rising infections, Lord Kamall said:

'We are always ready to stand up measures should the case rates rise so much that our health system was under pressure, but also what we have managed to do is break the link between infections and hospitalisations, and hospitalisations and death. If that gets out of control then of course we will stand up the measures that we have previously.'

Lord Kamall would not rule out a return of free testing:

'All this will continue to be monitored. Should the number of cases spiral out of control then clearly we would look to reintroduce free testing at some stage if it needed that. He also said it is “entirely appropriate” that hospitals reintroduce face masks, despite national guidance to drop them being brought in just last month – though he did add there is no need for wider restrictions for the public. Yet.'

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