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Liz Truss: The Socialist Past she'd Rather You Didn't Know

She may look like a Poundshop Margaret Thatcher, but she's a socialist through and through.

Liz Truss is no more a Conservative than Rishi Sunak. Whilst Sunak implemented Socialist policies that plunged us into the cost of living crisis we now face and is linked to the WEF, Truss hides her own socialist credentials and hopes that her act will fool the public.

Parents were far-left academics and activists.

Truss was born in Oxford in 1975. Her father was an emeritus professor of mathematics at the University of Leeds, while her mother was a teacher and active member of the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament. Truss has described both as being "to the left of Labour", meaning far-left, not a good start.

Oxford University Left-Wing Activism.

Liz Truss read Philosophy, Politics and Economics at Merton College, Oxford, and during her time at Oxford was an active member of the Liberal Democrats, becoming president of Oxford University Liberal Democrats and a member of the national executive committee of Liberal Democrat Youth and Students. During that time those that knew Truss describe her as a "classic left wing activist" which Truss now disputes she was. At the Liberal Democrat Conference in 1994 Truss made a demented ranting speech about how Britain should be a republic, a speech that has mysteriously disappeared from the internet recently.

Think-Tank financial dealings

After losing two elections to become an MP Liz Truss went to work as Deputy Director of the Reform think-tank, who according to their profile, are both a limited company and a charity. The think-tank have had repeated questions asked about their financial affairs, and at best only ever scored a C for financial transparency.

Voters didn't know of Truss' far-left ideology

Truss finally became an MP in 2001, now Truss was claiming to be a Conservative, those who had voted for her unaware of her Lib Dem background, far-left ideologies or activism. Now, Truss was claiming that she was a conservative and believed in conservative values.

Truss was a REMAINER

During Brexit Liz Truss remained devoted to the idea of a United States of Europe and campaigned for Britain to remain under the control of unelected technocrats in another country.

Truss Camp are all Hardline Remainers who want to REJOIN EU

Truss's campaign is now being run by 'hardline remainers' who have never accepted the result of the referendum and have continued to campaign for Britain to rejoin. Dominic Cummings claimed Liz Truss's campaign is being run by 'arch-Remainers' including former Home Secretary Amber Rudd's brother and warns that she has a 'secret agenda' where this is concerned.

Yesterday we were subjected to an impersonation of Margaret Thatcher, what one commentator called 'a tribute act', a cynical attempt to convince the public she is Conservative, but she's not, not even close.


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